What Celebrity Should Call It Quits?

What celebrity would you like to see call it quits?
Here is my list

The Osbournes
Fiona Apple
Fred Durst
Billy Corgan
Dennis Miller
J. Lo
Ben Afleck
No Doubt
Quentin Tarantino
Brody Armstong
Elton John
Dixie Chicks
David Grohl
Kid Rock
Britney Spears
Justin Timberlake

Oh yeah I forgot…

Russell Crowe
Colin Farrel

Well don’t hold back, tell what celebs you really hate.

I have no real desire to see any celebrity quit.

I would like it if all the celebrity gossip magazines, television shows, newspapers, and newspaper sections would close up shop though.

Actually, I would like to see Russel Crowe lose all his money and have to take a job and McDonalds or something for the rest of his life, but that’s just because of the stupid stunt he pulled over the Bali Bombing.

Your list was pretty solid, Isabelle, except for the middle -


What what what?

I have only one thing to add:

Courtney. Love.

Emmitt Smith

Of your list, Jewel. She doesn’t seem to add anything to the greater good, especially with her new “image”.

Cecil Adams - way over the hill, and wasn’t all that great in the first place… :stuck_out_tongue:

Bill Cosby

There were quite a few off that list I completely agreed with, and a few more that I already thought had called it quits, perhaps not of their own volition.
Now, can someone tell me why Russell Crowe is still considered handsome? He’s going the way of Richard Burton, where his lifestyle is burning up his youthfulness and that’s going to destroy much of his appeal. And that complexion! Can we get it power-sanded before he starts his next film? I can’t watch a single one of his films lately without staring at that unicorn-horn starting to protrude from the middle of his browbone. It makes me miss the dialog to where I can’t follow the story.

PS: If you’re relegating Colin Farrell to the woodpile, would you mind so much sending him to me? My BF says it’s ok for me to keep him as a pet. I’ll have to paper-train him, though.

You fail to recognize his comedic genius in an attempt to bring values back into the American home. He is the ONLY one out there trying to do so while the rest turn prime time into smut just to earn ratings. The scenarios he creates makes people (even kids, teens) laugh at what the heck is wrong with this picture! He is possibly the ONLY good thing about TV today!

Now, if we could only get politicians to take such an objective look at themselves. Nix the press; I think Bill Cosby should be invited to ask Donald Rumsfeld et al the real questions! :wink:

Bill Cosby is the Hans Christian Anderson of our times exposing folks from all walks of life about how their “royal garb” (i.e. all the shenannigans and cajoling, in this instance) to make us think we’re so “cool” - is simply butt-naked garbage!

The man has more talent in his pinky than most of Hollywood combined, IMHO. And, if you’re not careful, you might just learn something! :smiley:

  • Jinx

Elton John, Isabelle? Did you ever study a musical instrument? Take up piano, for example. No, I don’t mean that keyboard from Wal-Mart which simplifies the chords for you…I mean a real piano. You try and outdo his talent. True, his style has mellowed, but his talent is everlasting.

Hmm, in contrast let’s consider Avril “3-Notes” Whatshername. That song “Complicated” has to be the closest a musician (and I use that term loosely) comes to being monotone. The only thing complicated about her “big hit” (wow.) is the title! I should add her use of a third note is quite generous of her - as depicted here: cHiLl OuT, wHaT yOu YeLlInG for; LaY bAcK It’S aLl BeEn DoNe before…she out to take her own advice!

Jewel is hopeless, too, as a lyricist, anyhow… she is to music what the “Dick and Jane” reader is to literature! These “artists” need to get out and experience life before even thinking they can produce some semblance of music!

  • Jinx

i agree with your others, Isabelle , but Tarantino and Dave Grohl?

I can see in one way you might not like QT’s films, fair enough, but Grohl’s probably one of the least offensive celebritys going. his music kicks arse and he’s well renowned as an all round nice guy. :confused:

my two pence:
Victoria Beckham
Liz Hurley
Geri Halliwell

these people have had their 15+. now they’re taking the piss. nobody cares anymore.

also, who the hell is Dennis Miller? this is the 2nd thread ive seen today with him mentioned negatively.

I’ll second that.

Why not just rename the subject “Celebrities I never liked in the first place”?

AFter all, there’s no logical reason on Earth that any of the celebs Isabelle names SHOULD quit. They’re all successful, they’re all rich, they’re all popular. Why would they quit, simply because some people don’t like them? I have no doubt that, if Isabelle made a list of celebs she LIKES, every name on it would make SOMEBODY’S hate list!

The only name I’ve seen on this thread that makes ANY sense is Emmitt Smith. Even people who like and admire Emmitt can see he’s not the player he was, and that it’s probably time for him to retire, simply because he CAN’T do the job he’s paid to do any more.

But even if you hate Elton John or Quentin Tarantino… heck, Elton still sells out hockey arenas when he goes on tour, and millions of people are lining up each weekend to see “Kill Bill.” Why would either feel compelled to call it quits?

Nicolas Cage. I avoid films if he’s in them.

This is the first time I’ve ever heard someone say something unkind about Dave Grohl. He’s very high on my list of People With Whom I’d Like to Chill Someday.

Joan Collins
Lou Diamond Phillips
Kiefer Sutherland
Hilary Clinton
Pierce Brosnan
Hugh Grant

The list didn’t have to represent the people you don’t like necessariily but people you think that might have reached their peak and should just retire already.