What chilies do you like in your chili?

Personally, when I make chili, I like to stay away from the chili powder in favor of fresh chilies.

My favorite is the red chili pepper. (Sorry, forget the real name.)
What are yours?

Anchos, cascabels, chipotles, serranos, habaneros.

Hatch green (Anaheim).

Ancho, chipotle, perhaps jalapeno, and hot (or sweet) smoked paprika (ground red pepper). Also green bell pepper.

Serrano, habanero (both home grown), Anaheim, paprika, and maybe some Asian Death peppers. But I still use chili powder (Gebhardt’s, the original chili powder. Accept no other.).

Ancho, serrano, guajillo, chili pequin, paprika, and jalapeno. I like chipotles but think they are too smoky for my style of chili.

When I’ve made chili, I’ve used jalapenos, but I could maybe go with something just a little bit hotter. You need some of the actual pepper flavor in addition to the heat, and it seems kind of silly to use a really hot pepper if you’re just going to cut it with bells.

Ancho, guajillo, cascabel, and cayenne. Roast them all together along with some comino, grind it all up, and you have a chili powder that can’t be beat. You also have a runny nose and burning eyes but a good pot of chili is worth the discomfort.

Ancho, pasilla, guajillo, and morita (or chipotle, dried). I also like a little bit of pequin or habanero in it, too, but those first four are my musts.

edit: I should add, those are all the dried chile additions. For the fresh chiles, I like serranos and/or habaneros, as well as some milder poblanos and maybe banana peppers.

If I make a chili with one chile, it’s Ancho.

Two, and it’s usually Guajillo-Pasilla.

Three, and it’s Guajillo-Pasilla-de Arbol.

Which reminds me: I’ve got five pounds of venison sitting in my freezer earmarked for chili…

dried chiles - chipotle - I like the smokiness
fresh chiles - jalapeno - I like the grassy green flavor it brings