What are your favorite spices?

I am using the term ‘spice’ loosely to include some common herbs, seeds, etc.

The list is certainly not exhaustive; hence the ‘other’ option.

Poll shall arrive shortly. Select as many as you like.

And remember, this is an exhibition, not a competition; so please, no wagering.


In rough order, cayenne; garlic; and black pepper.

Black pepper, crushed red pepper, cayenne, and bay leaf (for its use in soups and stews). I do like cumin and coriander in many dishes.

You left out turmeric.

You left out chilis in all forms.

Of course, we do tend to use them more as vegetables than a seasoning, but still…

Onion powder and cayenne. I use them both in pretty much everything, so I buy a 5 oz. bottle of each and just mix them together.

sporty and baby.

Cinnamon, garlic powder, oregano, top three.

I’m surprised to see paprika getting so many votes. I never use it and frankly think it tastes funny, sort of… perfumey. Maybe I bought the wrong kind?

I buy the smoked kind and I use it on practically everything.

Penzey’s has several different kinds of paprika available: Hungarian Sweet, California Sweet, Hungarian Half-Sharp and Spanish Smoked. All are excellent.


We get through tons of cinnamon, paprika, and basil, plus a little curry powder, coriander, mint and chives, the latter three only because they’re easy to grow on the windowsill - I don’t actually like them that much.

I like them all, with the exception of dried basil, which to me is tasteless or worse, and dried parsley, dried mint, or dried chives, since we grow them. I rarely use garlic or onion powder. I would also add saffron to the list and various chili powders. I sometimes use dried rosemary, but since we have two big, healthy plants growing out front, it’s not needed very often.

Spice jars we use most:
[li]Lemon pepper (actually Penzey’s “Sunny Spain”)[/li][li]MSG (yes really! we’re not allergic and it’s yummy. shut up.)[/li][li]garlic powder[/li][li]ground chipotle peppers[/li][li]ground ancho peppers[/li][/ul]

Top is black pepper because that goes on or in everything. Next is cumin because that goes in chilli and curry, then a tie for third place between turmeric, paprika, cinnamon, cardamons and cloves. Oregano and tarragon get used occasionally, and bay leaves when I remember.

Oh, forgot Ginger.
And Ginger.
And then there’s Parsley (the lion).

Oregano! I used to buy a generic Italian seasoning but I realized what I really liked in it was the oregano so now I just buy that.

I’m with fluiddruid on the smoked paprika. It took Penzey’s a long time to add it; I requested it for years. I like tarragon a lot and when I discovered my husband likes it (he’s extremely picky), I started using it more. I use Sunny Paris and Fox Point (unfortunately the latter is not salt-free). I like the taste of rosemary, but herbs that are based on bark, like rosemary and cinnamon are migraine triggers for me. I also cannot tolerate lavender, so herbes de Provence is out.

I’m going to buy some Parisien Bonnes Herbes.

I checked a lot of them. But why garlic and onion powder, and leave out the originals. I’ll use *granulated *garlic and onion for various purposes, but not the powder. And you left out (not technically a spice) salt.

Also cardomom, cilantro, sesame seed, and chili.

Salt, pepper, onion and garlic powders, oregano, dill and basil if I feel like adding more green stuff. Also zatar, sometimes.

Thanks. I have to then add galanga–a root that’s like a cross between ginger and mustard, and is essential for some curries and soups.