What cities/towns in the world have the most attractive people?

Villages, towns, cities, and anything else.

Out of ALL of the places you’ve been in the world, what stands out beyond the rest?

When you’re shopping at a grocery store, attending a event in town, interacting with customers at work, waiting in line, going to class, places you’ve heard of or anywhere you’ve been to. What made you think, “wow! There’s a lot of good looking girls/guys here…”:cool:

To start, I would say Paris. Might be based off a stereotype, but aren’t french women generally attractive? Girls in Montreal too? Not sure about the men personally, cause I don’t swing that way :stuck_out_tongue:

The Iranian Jeweses in Beverly Hills and parts of the San Fernando Valley are hawt …

Are you honestly saying you don’t know an attractive man when you see one? You don’t have to “swing that way”.

And even more than Paris… Rome.

Many college towns.

And coastal cities in southern China.

I would think any large, multicultural city is going to be a pretty solid bet. If it has a reasonably significant media industry, that’s a plus.

Stockholm. No doubt.
Although to be honest, I think in general, the most attractive people in the world come from Afghanistan. Both men and women.

Any beach city in Southern California.

Copenhagen gets my vote.

isnt this going to depend entirely on what ethnicity your attracted to?

I don’t know… neither seemed chock-full when I was there. I think Prague, or maybe Budapest are the current winners, with Amsterdam running in third.


Sure, it’s completely subjective, but I appreciated the attention to detail that many folks displayed in how they were dressed/presented themselves.

Well, I do swing that way and San Francisco is hands down the male eye-candy capitol of the world. Unfortunately it turns out to be mostly window-shopping for straight women - but still quite worth the whiplash.

rumor has it Iceland was populated when the vikings kidnapped all the hottest women from various towns. So those genes are said to still be there today.

I’d agree that multicultural cities are a great bet to find lots of attractive people because the diversity ensures one’s tastes are met at a minimum level re: race a clothing style. But I bet that even more attractive to an individual person would be a city where most people look like their preferred type.

I’d like to think that I do but whenever I mention a guy’s good looks to a girl they don’t happen to like them. Of course that only happened a couple times over the course of around 10 years before I learned I had bad taste in guys.

Los Angeles, California … bar none …

Yeah, Slavs are definitely in the running. I’d include Warsaw.

Portlanders are really into fitness, which tends to lend appeal to folks that may be fairly ordinary otherwise. I like the Earth-mother type, so I find women here attractive.

One thing about Portland white women … they are really really really white … when the sun finally comes out in July … they all turn red … red red red …

But women of all races are oh so good to cuddle up with on a stormy evening … [sigh] … “Portland Woman” {YouTube 3’40"} – New Riders of the Purple Sage

“Portland women treat you right”

I would have to agree that Los Angeles is number one. Hence the old bumper sticker of the flyover states, “Too Stupid for New York; Too Ugly for L.A.”

The women of Barcelona are incredible. It MAY have something to to with the great bootmakers there.

Parisian women are beautiful, but they tend to dress to impress other women, not heterosexual men. OTOH, the women of Prague seem to enjoy wearing slut clothes. I’ve never seen so many clingy tops, tiny skirts, and skyscraper heels.

Vancouver, Canada, is also home to attractive women who enjoy going about in wispy bits of nothing.

New York and London are, of course, amazing. Sheer size and multi-ethnicity. Manhattan for the lipstick chicks, Brooklyn for gorgeous hippie and punkette girls.

Personally partial to Chicago, delightful to promenade in the summer months when the ladies wear very little. Also, I married me one of them hot Chicago Girls.


Also, how many people - irredeemable racists aside - are only attracted to one ethnicity? Personally I’m attracted to a physical type, and it doesn’t matter to me what ethnicity or colour they are. All good.

Paris is good internationally but even the women in the Loire Valley well outside of Paris are super attractive. I hear Latvia and Estonia are ridiculous in that regard but I have never been there. I have a weakness for Mediterranean women in theory but they are guaranteed to lose their temper every few minutes so that tends to kill the attraction quickly.

In the U.S., there are scatterings of Southern girls that are jaw-dropping. Dallas and Houston have them in spades. Miami does too. The Northeastern cities like Boston, NYC and Philadelphia generally don’t at least for my tastes but they are big enough that you can still find some. I have never been that impressed with LA. The girls are fit and fashion conscious but it always seemed a little fake to me.