What color are your rooms?

Always white. Aside from similarly bright colors (say, pale yellow), I never see the point of painting rooms in different hues.

We’ve painted every room in our house according to my previous post but I thought I would share the wallpaper hell we had before we started.

TV room. Pineapple wallpaper.
Kitchen/Dining room. dirty off white with blue chevrons. One previously concealed hole that was patched OVER the wallpaper.
Bathroom. tiny flowered wallpaper yellow tub/sink/toilet (they are all pristine white now! - thank you parallax!!!)
Our room. Huge pastel flowers.
Munchkin’s room. primary color pinstripes over dinge.
Baby’s room. Upside down flowers.
Computer room. Offwhite with a darker offwhite pattern of unknown veracity.

rjung said:

I used to live for the day when I could have an all white house- my parents (mom specifically) followed a set palette that SHE grew up with: LR white, K/DR greenish (a bad pastelly aqua), MB light blue, BR again green, kids bedrooms could vary. The colors pained me. I wanted plain.

When I did that to my first apartment, I hated it. Too stark. The next few places I lived in would not allow me to paint.

When I moved in here, I was SO thrilled to be able to paint again. My LR is a pale blue/white. Kitchen is a lavender/blue. LilMiss’s BR is medium blue. My room didn’t turn out the way I expected. It’s not pink. It’s PINK. Like Peptol Bismol. shudder. And the bathroom is a bright coral. As I was gearing up to repaint, a new abode kind of fell into my lap. So I’m moving within the next few weeks. Yeah!

And we’ve already picked out colors:
LR has painted white woodwork :frowning: , beautiful oak floors :), and lots of light. We’re going with a warm creamy butter color. The paintchip is called Faded Sunshine. Going to do it in a satin.

MB is going to be pink again- called Faded Blush. When I was little, my bedroom at my grandparents house was a warm peach/pink. The color brings back many memories and makes me feel safe.

Kitchen: Still undecided. Right now (like the rest of the house) it’s white with burgandy and dark green accents. Because the LR is going to be yellow, I don’t want the kitchen to be yellow also. I was thinking of BRIGHT red on one wall, glossy white on the others. I dunno.

MissTake’s BR: She wants a sea theme. So (at this point) it’s going to be a bluish/green. However, the rug we have for her room is a medium green- won’t match.

Bath: A medium lavender (Winsome Lilac). The owner before the current re-did the bathroom, removed all the lovely tile. Now it has white wainscotting. I figure the lavender will be relaxing.

MissTake, if that medium green rug has a bluish cast to it at all, you might consider doing LittleMiss’s room (I assume it’s she and not you who wants the sea theme) in a soft, pale blue with a greenish tinge. Sort of the color things are tinged when you’re swimming underwater and look up into the light. Heck, that might work if the rug’s a yellowish green (like algae). Remember, it doesn’t have to match, it just has to flow.

If it’s a smallish, washable rug, you can also toss a little Rit dye to it and get a color that works better.

If you really want to take the sea thing a step or two further, you do a sea mural on one wall. Coral, kelp, tropical fish. With the sea-colored water, it would feel like being in a giant aquarium. All you’d have to do is find some pictures she likes, and use an overhead projector to shoot it up on the wall. Trace it, then paint as desired. (My boss is using that technique to do her nursery with a four-wall Noah’s Ark mural. She brought in pictures the other night, and it’s fantastic.)

Main bathroom - a medium green not quite lime but not mint either
Living/dining room - a dark rich red. Not as brown as a cinnamon but close
Kitchen/family room - medium blue tone… a little darker than a sky blue.

Then there was the Blue Princess Room:

When I was about 10, I had to spend an afternoon playing with the child of my dad’s friend, an indulgent widower. The little girl was a tomboy, rough and tumble, and we were having a lovely time wreaking havoc – then she asked if I wished to see her bedroom – YIKES! One of those ‘fantasy princess’ bedrooms – it was bigger than her parents’ room, too. It even had double doors that opened into it…you expected to see liveried footmen standing by…

Everything was pale blue, pale blue silk wallpaper, thick wall to wall carpeting, huge flouncy canopied bed with all the silk, velvet, lace pillows, sheer blue floor to ceiling draperies…the furniture was soft white with gold accents…stunning Hollywood-style little girl’s room.

She slept in her dad’s ‘office’ on a torn leather couch cos her dog wasn’t allowed in the Paradise room, and she would rather sleep with the dog…in fact, I don’t think she ever went into this room…

Nowt stranger than folk, I suppose…

My bedroom: Light Blue
Parent’s Bedroom: Light Blue
Sister’s Bedroom: Orange and Dark Blue
Upstairs Bathroom: White
Downstairs Bathroom: Yellow, Pepto Bismal Pink
Living Room, Family Room, Halls, and Kitchen: Beige

My bedroom, my brother’s room, the kitchen, great room, and my parents’ bed and the bathrooms are all this khaki color that I used to say looked like “skin,” back when we first moved in and I hated it. Now I like it a little better, but every now and then the light will hit things a certain way, and I’ll thing, ugh…skin…skin…I’m in an ear canal. It’s okay, though.

The dining and living room are both painted a dark mustard color…hard to describe acurately, but very pretty, dispite the repulsive descripition.

The ceiling, trim, doors, woodwork, crown molding, and windowpanes are all white, which looks good with the khakis and mustard colors. Very…crisp, I guess.

Our house is 60 years old & we bought it from the son of the original owners. It had never been painted so off we went to Home Depot I brought tears of fright to my new husband’s eyes as I picked out 4 colors for the living room & dining room. He had never lived in a house that wasn’t off white & beige.
In my living room & dining room the north walls are maroon. The south walls are mauve. the east & west walls are very pale pink (so pale they look white.) The entry way is a lighter mauve.
The master bedroom is peach & coral. The bathroom is teal and pale blue, The second bedroom has one jewel tone somewhat darker than aquamarine the other walls are pale blue. We call it the Caribbean room.The kitchen was peach and white with yellow accents, but I made a mistake painting acryllic over oil base, so it peeled. We just repainted light blue and white with yellow accents.
Our family room is gray & maroon (darker than the living room) the first visitor to this room immediately asked if we were Cougar fans (Washington State University; their colors are maroon and gray, I didn’t know)
Our stair well is painted with murals it starts as northwest style forest at the top, and becomes tropical at the bottom

I’ve got 70s wallpaper that looks someone cracked open some eggs in a pot, broke open the yolks and began to mix it up. yes it’s awful.

We have done up a few rooms in the house, so I’ll separate them in to done and not done. Take into consideration we have polished wood floors.

Bedroom 1 and dressing room - Lavender with dark purple trim
Upstairs bathroom - dark green marble-look tiles, pale green paint, glossy maroon doors and windows, gold fixtures.
Sitting room - terracotta-y on 2 walls, cream on 2 walls, forest green furniture coverings.

Not Done (Most of it!) Note: most of these combinations are disgusting.)
Bedroom 2 - yellow with jade green trim
Combined Living/dining - yellow with pink trim
Kitchen - cream
Study/ home office - cream with cream carpet
Downstairs bathroom - orange with blue trim (!!) and green lino floor.

I have an aversion to white rooms, I think because I don’t like the minimalist look.

What colors would a “Fenf Sui” expert recommend? I want to get that “cji” really moving! Actually, we have a rather dark living room (only three windows…what sort of color would lighten it?

Just moved into a new apartment. I have beige carpet and beige walls. Or maybe they’re tan, I don’t know. I want to paint, but if I don’t keep it light, I’ll have to paint over it when I move. Unfortunately, I have a tendency to use really strong colors, so much painting could be in my future. It’s probably all going to end up sunshine yellow.

You mean, Feng Shui ?? Peer around in there and perhaps discover the keys to chromatic balance.