What color are your rooms?

I was just reading an article and in it, a Director of Photography said,

What color are your rooms? Do you allow sunlight coming in to affect the colors you chose when you paint your rooms?


Kitchen–Light Yellow

Dining Room–Crimson

Living Room–An almost Orange Brown


I love color in the house.

Down with Whitey!

Tawny Tan!

More precisely, 1/2 strength Tawny Tan!

Everyone else on the face of the planet would call it an extremely weak beige, almost an off white.

The lighting did have somewhat of an effect on our choice, but I really don’t think it would have made much of a difference.

The livingroom - sunny yellow
The diningroom - subtle blue
The rest of the house white.

My house is small but very open and airy.

Basically, we stay ‘nuetral’ adding color in layers other than paint.

Most of our house is "sparkling amber’. Our master bath is gray/silver…looks good in there.

Not big on white because white trim gets washed out…you need some contrast to make woodwork - like crown mounding - jump out.

Mine are a dingy white called Navajo white, which was popular in the “earth tone” 70’s, the last time my apartment was completely painted, apparently. If a spot needed repainting, it got the same color.
And yes, it’s white as opposed to colored because the rooms are tiny.
For just that reason I plan to repaint the place a brighter white soon.

Most of the house is white - I rent the lower apartment in a split-level house, and the apartments are separate. The back hall was recently painted a cool combo of dark lavender walls with charcoal gray woodwork. The kitchen is pale blue. I’m planning on repainting the bathroom; below the chair rail in there, I’ll be painting white and green vertical stripes, with white over the rest of the room. (This is to cover up a bad white paint job that was incorrectly done with a flat finish rather than a semi-gloss.) The stairway down to the basement has a grassy-green paintjob on the walls, but they’re really filthy and need at least a good scrubbing.

We have huge ceilings - about 9’ I think - so I’m not certain the walls need to be white to help it look bigger, but I guess white “goes with everything.”

Living room - biscuity tan ( 3 walls) purple ( one wall) Looks simply awesome .The room has an 18’ cathedral ceiling, so these colors warm it up and enclose it nicely.

Basement - Granny apple smith green. ( kids play room.)

Son’s room - Robin’s egg blue with excellent clouds on ceiling. (looking to repaint. We were a bit enthusiastic about his arrival and did not think Long Term. Feh.)

Daughter - Misty grayish lavender (looking to repaint. It’s a bitch to find matching/coordinating stuff for it.) Thinking rasberry/pink color explosion to make my child ADHD.

Our bedroom - english manor home green. ( way cool)

Half bathroom down stairs has a custom hand painted ( acrylic) floral art/garden scene that my mom did that is well done and well received, but due to A) artistic differences ( I wanted the Eiffel Tower on one wall so it would look like I was sitting on my Parisian garden Balcony taking a Poo but my Mother, the President of the Anti-Fun Brigade squashed that idea Feh. b) the desperate need to change it into a micro-psuedo library.

Laundry room - a mix of way cool terracotta and sunshine yellow ( ran out of sunshine yellow through project…lost interest. doesn’t matter.)

The rest of the house is the original egg shell white that was slapped on in a weekend of pizza fueled, cola addicted rush. After 10 years we are ( too say the least) slightly indecisive about what to color what.

And yes, sunlight pays a huge factor in my decision.

My house faces east/west and I want to maximize my sunlight.

It’s basically white, but it’s not a stark white.

My house is already pretty big, I painted to match the furniture/mood of the room.

Kitchen - sunny yellow
Family Dining - darker yellow w/adobe accents
Formal living room - Sage
Office - Burgundy
Formal Dining Room - Deep Blue
Family Room - Emerald
Daughter 1 - Periwinkle
Daughter 2 - Lavendar, Pink, Melon
Son - Mahogany, and Tan
Guest room - Terra Cotta
Master Bedroom - Deep Burgundy

I like dark colors and to keep all of the shades open to the outside. The yard has lots of oaks so it is shaded but keeping it all open leaves lots of natural light anyway.

Kitchen/dining room is blue on the bottom and yellow on top with plaid in the middle.

TV room is purple.

Munchkin’s room is blue with a castle mural on one wall and a chalkboard on the other.

The new baby’s room is white as we haven’t decided on a motif yet and it was our den.

Our room is a yellowish cream color.

The den is white but that is because it is my monopoly room and anything else would be far too garish.

The bathroom is also white because it too is completely monopoly themed and the heavy concentration of red in such a small space needed white walls.

Apartment white. With corresponding Apartment Bland™ carpeting.
Except for the bathroom. While the upper half of the walls are apartment white, the bottom half are an ever so lovely peach tile. With Apartment Bland™ carpeting.

Kitchen - Wallpaper - tan, sienna and sage
Living Room - Pale Yellow
Our bedroom - Peacock blue
Office - burnt orange
Eyeore’s room - white
Piglet’s room - Clouds on one wall - the other three walls are white
Shortman’s Room - white with racecar stencils in black/red/blue

All of my rooms are something called ‘crockery cream’ which is a rich tan with an orange base – sounds hideous, but it’s not! (I panicked when I opened the first tin and saw dark orange swirls in there! No swirls on the paint chip!) In summer it’s cool, and in winter warm – the orange underbase picks up the sunlight in a lovely way.

All the doorframes are dark brown…

I chose the colour cos I knew I would be putting a lot of stuff on the walls, and wanted something neutral but not sterile, as a background, and it works well.

The only exception is the bathroom, which is deep purple! Originally it’s cos my monster-in-law was so excited about me getting a house, and ooooh, DO tell her what colour the bathroom is so xmas and birthday pressies for life will be set…at the time, one could NOT get anything to match deep aubergine – turns out it’s a good colour for a bathroom.

I recently repainted it with a slightly redder purple, and it needed two coats – looks smashing, although after just the first coat, the weird mix of aubergine and the new paint made the place look like an abbatoir.

PS – tanookie, on what you say about too much red in a small bath reminds me of my piano teacher when I were wee – this woman loved purple. She painted her front door, all her shutters and trim, car-shed door bright bright bright purple. Her front room was purple. She kept a small bathroom for her students off her teaching room, and every square inch was blood red. From the 2" shag carpeting to the paint on the walls to the fixtures to the accessories. The first time I walked in there, as a child, I thought I was suffering a detached retina and seeing everything through a mist…nice lady otherwise…

I’ve always been partial to white (or white-ish) walls with really nice trim in natural wood. It just always seemed so wrong to cover up all that lovely wood with paint. (The fact that my dad’s a carpenter probably had a lot to do with that attitude.)

And I always hated the look of white walls with white trim. It was like sitting inside a gift box. There was no definition to anything, so the place just looked half-assed, sterile, and utterly blah.

Over the years, though, I’ve found that pale colored walls with white trim makes a room seem warmer and cozier, but more spacious at the same time. In my old apartment, I painted the bedroom and bathroom a warm, rosy beige and left the trim white, and it really opened the place up. The living room got a pale grayish lavenderish color (Lighthouse, I think it was), with the trim left white for similar results.

We’ve never painted since we moved into our house, although I guess we’ll need to before we try to sell it. I love the colors, but I know for a fact they’re the reason at least one couple refused to even go see the house. (The guy is one of DrJ’s fellow second-years, and we bought houses right about the same time.)

The living room is a sort of beigy salmon color, hard to describe but very pretty.

The kitchen is the exact color of a yellow crayon. Once in a while I feel like putting on sunglasses to raid the fridge, but even on the darkest, nastiest day that room always looks bright and cheerful.

The den is what Dr.J calls Estee Lauder red. I dunno about Estee Lauder, but it’s red all right. A deep, rich crimson that gets really dark if there’s not enough light in the room.

My computer/craft/pet/get-away-from the-snoring room is a sort of peachy pink that’s pale enough that it took me a minute or two to realize that it wasn’t white.

The hall and our bedroom are off-white, I guess. Mom swears it’s a very pale brown, but it looks pretty damn white to me.

The trim is white everywhere but my room, which for some reason has darker peach trim. I have to say, the intese colors really make our crown molding and stuff pop.

–Snort-- THAT is funny. I know, I wrote the OP and haven’t answered my own poll question. Don’t you hate that when Dopers do that? :smiley:

Living Room/Dining Room- Muted kind of Southwest Blue.

Kitchen- B&W, top to bottom. My choice. I love that look. Black horizontals at the ceiling/wall join, black angled edge of the top and leading edge of white countertop. Black floor molding. B&W square pattern flooring.

The Fem-Bot just chose her own color and re-painted her room. It’s a very strong deep blue. I thought it would be depressing, but it’s very soothing in there. The neon Flamingo doesn’t hurt the look either.

The Man-Cub- White, but soon to be dark green.

My bedroom- Eggshell white.

My Office- atrocious flat white, badly in need of a paint job, god knows how with all of the stuff on the walls.

New Family Room- probably very pale blue, with deep azure blue ceiling.

With the exception of the bathroom (off-white) and some tan tile and formica in the kitchen, my entire apartment is wood paneled.

Combine that with small windows and pitiful lighting and it’s no surprise that a.) my friends call it my cave and b.) I’m known to wear mismatched socks to work.

For starters, our landlord has poor decorating sense - when we moved in, everything was brand-new brown carpet and grubby, handprinted Apartment White walls seemingly last painted in 1986 or so. When we asked about painting, and if we could choose colors, they said we could do anything we wanted except a blood-red bathroom. No arguments there! :smiley:

Kitchen: “Coachlamp Copper” (A dark rust-red) left alone in small spots (inside the unframed doorway openings and in sections between the countertop and upper cabinets) as accents, otherwise sponged with tan-ish and peach-ish from the paint shop’s “oops” pile at $5 per gallon. One visitor exclaimed “This wallpaper is great! Where did you find it?” :slight_smile: On its own, the Copper is dark and intense.

Living room and hallways: Forget the color name, but it’s a chameleon color that varies between neutral gray, purplish and tan, depending on the light, time of day and what’s nearby. Aside from its intriguing behavior on the walls, it also made the chocolate brown carpet much less so.

Master bedroom: Medium sandy brown. Think it was called “Saddle Blanket.”

Master Bath: The next-lighter chip on the card from the bedroom color.

Guest bath: “Moon Walk” - a steely blue-green.

Den/office/guest room: “Luscious Moss” (Ugh…these ridiculous names!!) A fairly dark, not quite “English” or “Hunter” green.

Ceilings in the master bedroom, kitchen, living room and halls are a pale neutral gray. (A nice “oops” find at the paint shop at $15 for a five-gallon bucket.)

Bathroom ceilings are white.

All the trim is crisp, high gloss ultra pure white. If it ever was unpainted, it was over 30 years ago when the place was built.

We just moved into a house, so everything is white white white, but here’s what it’s going to be:

Living room and dining room/kitchen: white. I know, I wanted to paint all the rooms, but the white really works in the living room, and we have a custom-stained display shelf in the dining room that totally pops against it.

Master bedroom: cocoa/mocha color … can’t remember the name, but it’s gonna rock.

Computer room: undecided. I’m willing to take suggestions.

Guest room: Pale yellow (true–no orange or green leanings) or a light sage green. I’m trying to talk my SO into the green. He wants yellow. Either will work, but sage green is so soothing.

Family room: again, undecided. Something fun.

Bathrooms (three of 'em): undecided.

Fish room (aka sub-basement): black, to show off the fish tanks.