What condiments/sauces do you use on fish and chips?

You’re having fish and chips, what do you use?

For me, it’s malt vinegar only and I douse both the fish and the chips in it. I’ve never tried curry sauce and I’m not a huge fan of tartar sauce. Ketchup doesn’t work on the chips for fish and chips for me.

Fish and chips? Malt vinegar.

French fries, depending on the recipe, either plain or ketchup if not part of a fish meal.

Tartar sauce is the reason for fish and chips.

Me too. I don’t get the vinegar thing.

Tartar sauce alone ~75% of the time, malt vinegar alone ~10% of the time, both ~15% of the time.

Childhood indoctrination with the old McDonald’s Filet 'o Fish hooked me on tartar sauce. My first experience with fish and chips was H. Salt which introduced me to malt vinegar. But it never fully supplanted tartar sauce in my fishy heart, even now when I eat fancier versions.

I also like tartar sauce on the chips. Though ketchup and malt makes an appearance here as well.

For me, tartar sauce on the fish and ketchup on the chips.

I never liked tarter sauce. I discovered vinegar on fish and chips late in life, and do like it. I also like cocktail sauce on the fish.

Malt vinegar is both sweeter and less “vinegary”. It’s nothing like the stuff you clean the coffee machine with.


On both.

Some combo, depending on each bite, of ketchup, tartar, malt vinegar, salt.

Salt and vinegar, if available. If not, then ketchup for the chips but eating the fish plain.

Tartar sauce, usually, but sometimes cocktail sauce. Vinegar is okay, but it’s hard to measure it just right. Too much, and the fish gets soggy.

Also salt, but I’m a salt vampire and put it on everything.

Malt vinegar on both, tartar sauce on the fish and ketchup on the chips.

Malt Vinegar on both.

I’m well aware of what it is, just doesn’t do anything for me. Also, as @Trinopus noted, a little too much and you have a soggy mess.

Tartar sauce for the fish, Stonewall red pepper relish for the fries, which are usually waffle fries.

Lemon on the fish, ketchup on both. Ixnay on the artarsaucetay and vinegar. I’ve never heard of curry sauce on it but I’d be open to try that especially if it wasn’t a light brown variety which would look too similar color-wise to look appetizing.

Tartar on both, malt vinegar on the fries. Rather than drizzling it on, I like to break the fries in half and dip the open end into a tub of the vinegar so that it absorbs through the inside of the potato.

Aioli or mayonnaise, with a squirt of lemon juice, sriracha or chipotle added, according to whim.

For fish and fried clams, it’s mainly tartar sauce (sometimes cocktail sauce for clams, or for shrimp). Fish and horseradish also make a good combo.

Vinegar, blurgh. Fine as part of salad dressing or to clean out the coffee machine though.

*ketchup goes with fries.