What could possibly be in Quietus (for tinnitus)

Quietus is a new “homeopathic medicine” that gives tinnitus relief. I get to hear commercials on my local radio station for it every time I am in the car.

I’m sure their claims are bullshit, but what could the makers even start with, herb-wise, to do anything about tinnitus? Tinnitus can be caused by so many things. I’ve suffered from it since I was a kid and all any doctor has ever said to me about it is “yeah, sucks.”

What could it even claim to do? Lower blood pressure? Drain eustachian tubes? Relax muscles? Heal nerve endings?

I can’t find anything definite online about its ingredients.

It does nothing. All homeopathic remedies are scams. It’s not even herbal remedies, they’re basically just water. It’s based on a pseudo-science premise that involves diluting herbal preparations over and over again until none of the original substance is left. This is usually done in water (or sometimes alcohol), but can also be done with other susbtances like wax (which is all that “HeadOn” stuff is. It’s literally pure wax).

The pseudo-science is that the serial dilutions change the molecules or something. It’s nonsense.


Quietus: You decide when.

Official website.

There’s another drummer joke in there somewhere.

I don’t think it’s accurate to say “scam,” which implies that the purveyor of such remedies is not a believer. Quietus may be a scam, but quite a lot of homeopathy is misguided harm rather than cynical and malicious harm.

I think the point of this thread was missed. Yes, homeopathic medicine is bullshit, but the bullshit starts with something that causes the symptom one is trying to relieve. Assuming Quietus adheres to bullshit homeopathic theory, what substance did they use that causes tinnitus?

The commercial state that tinnitus is caused by prolonged exposure to loud noises (which is certainly ONE possible cause of tinnitus). Their website adds nerve damage and age as other causes. I can’t see how you would acquire small doses of noise, nerve damage, or age in an eardrop or a tablet, so they may be using “homeopathy” in a general sense of “non-conventional medicine” rather than any sort of accurate sense.

According to here one meaning of “quietus” is “discharge or release from life”, so perhaps it’s simply a lethal poison?

Hmm, yeah I guess death would be the only thing to make the ringing stop.

Go watch “Children of Men”…

There are a lot of medications that have tinnitus as a possible side effect; aspirin and other NSAIDS are some of the most common causes. I would bet that they start with willow bark or some such.

Could not you, yourself, your quietus make with a bare bodkin?

The ultimate cure everything drug:

Colt 45.


Colt 45.


Colt 45.


Man, I am gonna be rich.

It works every time.

Only if you can’t bear the fardels.

This is the source of lively “debates” in my household. Our GP (a real doctor) has her clinic in a partnership of other disciplines that all share the same building. Their intent is to give a multidisciplinary resource to patients. Among traditional doctors, there are some naturopaths, massage therapists, and a couple of homeopaths.

Personally, I see the homeopaths as leeches using the other disciplines to give them legitimacy in their practice. Unfortunately, Mrs G argues that they must have some legitimacy due to their sharing in this clinic partnership. I’ve seen this co-location tactic being used elsewhere by dodgy practitioners (“Oh, our homepathic remedies are also dispensed at the pharmacy counter, just go to the second window around the corner”).

It might be Placebo. That shit can cure anything.

Water or a sugar pill that might have, at one time, been in contact with a tiny amount of something else. Same as all other homeopathic remedies.

I’ve had tinnitus for years. Wish there was a cure. I am not aware of one today.

Snake oil has been sold for years. IMO, Quietus is snake oil. Snake oil does not cure tinnitus.

I used another common definition of Colt 45 and half-agreed with you until you got to the method of administration. I’m pretty sure malt liquor works better if you aim a few inches lower than the forehead…