What could the Professor create?

I’ve been inspired by Ukelele Ike.

Given the fact the Gilligan’s Island was probably the surrealest show ever put on the tube and thus was not designed to be scientifically (or otherwise) accurate; how many of the Professor’s creations could he really have made with things he found around a tropical island.

F’rinstance, the pedal car seems plausible, as does the hot water plumbing system. The coconut phonograph doesn’t (I think you’d have problems with the needle). We have lots of technical experts on this board, from engineers and chemists to tropical botanists. What could the Professor really have made?

Plunging like stones from a slingshot on Mars.

If you can get the record to rotate that the proper speed, you can make a serviceable phonograph out of a styrofoam cup and cactus needle.

I assume you could substitute a coconut shell for the styrofoam cup and there you go.

You see, that’s why I needed to invoke the expertise of the Teeming Millions. One response and my OP’s already been proved wrong.

I’m thinkin’ that if he could make a pedal-car, he could have also fixed the damned boat!

I don’t know how he built all those things, I just know I’m the one who always broke them.

Ahhhhhhhhhhh…Frank, I thought you were KIDDING!

– Uke, running away as fast as his little legs can carry him

It seemed to be implied it wasn’t building a raft that was the problem it was getting this raft into the shipping lanes.

The Pacific was so big unless you buildt this huge ship to carry food etc unless you got it into the shipping lanes you were doomed.

Now this doesn’t explain how other people got to the island though.

I think the Professor didn’t really WANT to escape. Think about it – he’s the only reasonably attractive male on a lush tropical island with Ginger and Mary Ann…

Would you want to leave?

Plunging like stones from a slingshot on Mars.

But what would the record itself be made of?

Uke…you asked for it!!

Now, about the theological implications of Gilligan’s Island… :wink:

Ah yes, of course! The Seven Deadly Sins:

Gilligan Sloth
Skipper Anger
Professor Pride
Ginger Lust
Mary Ann Envy
Mr. Howell Greed
Lovey Gluttony

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“Finally, consider Kottke’s voice which sounds like geese farts on a muggy day.”
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:::claiming an assist for setting him up:::


What would have been really great is if MacGuyver had been stranded with them instead of Gilligan . . .

If there is room for doubt - doubt!

WOOHOO! What do I win!!??

“Lovey: Gluttony”

Huh? Not on the “Gilligan’s Island” we see in THIS universe!

::purrs:: Yanno purty Kurt Russell was on that show once when he was younger…was Jungle Boy I believe. I need to see that episode.

Snappy, The Crazy Toddite - Friend of Skippy

Yanni is really Kurt Russell? How was this kept secret for so long?

Snappy Plissken – I’ve been wondering this for a while, but your reference to Kurt Russell makes me gotta ask: Are you related to the famous Snake Plissken? (I thought he was dead!)

I read in Sherwood Schwartz’s book that they ridiculed him for the episode where the Prof made a balloon from raincoats. 25 years later some people in (then) East Germany did this and it worked. They floated to West Germany.

Well this is in the book anyway.