What could you do with a third arm?

I think I could trim my own hair with a third arm. I just need the hand mirror in exactly the right place. Can’t make it work with just a mirror-on-a-scissor-arm.

I could write or shuffle papers (like wrong 5-page phone bills) when I’m on the phone without getting a crimp in my neck.

I could manage to get the boiling-over pot off the stove while I’m stopping the mess from spreading. Somehow I can’t manage both with a full pot.

I could get that back zipper unstuck. Needs each side held plus the slider.

I could eat a donut while doing push-ups!

You could make obscene gestures while keeping two hands safely on the wheel!

Be a lot easier for porn surfing on the net. I’ll tell you that right now.

Girlfriends would be even more satisfied, I’ll tell you that.

Would make soldering test leads a hell of a lot easier, is currently a pain even with a board holder to help.

Headstands…a breeze.

I refuse to answer this question until the OP makes clear exactly where the third arm would be located.

Oh, the possibilities…

I think it would definitely make dealing craps a lot easier. Some yayhoo throws in a bet while I’m making change for someone else, no sweat. Actually, I want a whole second
pair of arms.

No, I want eight arms, so I could deal the game and get fresh with the cute boxman, and slap the annoying floorman, and steal someone’s beer all at the same time.


I could be an amazing bass player! I play bass, but man, with 3 arms, I could truly kick some funky, groovin ass! :smiley:

Who wants three arms anyway? My vote is for a prehensile tail.

And opposable toes.

With a third arm, yeah. I can imagine the possibilites. Typing while… eating. Yeah, that’s it. Shifting while adjusting the radio… Of course, if this third arm were at the end of my tailbone, that’d be even cooler. Clothes would be a bitch, though.


Dial the phone while typing, use the number keypad and the keypad, and USE THE FRIGGING MOUSE AND THE KEYPAD AT THE SAME TIME. I’d love a third arm just for the last one.

I could hold the baby on my lap with one arm, use another to keep his hands away from the keyboard, use another to jingle a toy in front of his face, another to… dammit, I’m out of arms and I haven’t even started typing or using the mouse yet, not to mention the fact that the six year old is bound to have a crisis when I least expect it. Mothers ought to get at least six arms as part of the basic equipment.

I don’t think it’s important where its at, just what it can reach.

I wouldn’t mind having four arms, three seems a little unbalanced.

The prehensile tail seems like a good idea too.

The clothing industry would love it.

I would finally be able to hold the ribbon in place, nice and tight, while tying the bow on a package. By myself.

Three slices of pizza all at the same time!

…I could give my cat a pill.
…I could answer the phone and still keep typing.
…I could hold a map without having to clutch it and the steering wheel at the same time.
…I would have an esier time finishing my art projects finished.

Prehensile tail and toes would be fun, too.

[True story - when I was younger, mom and I went shopping at Lerner’s (expensive clothes, but lacking in quality - mismatched seams, etc.), and found a velvet blazer marked down to $15. Turns out there was an extra arm sewn in the back seam. (Didn’t get it - would have made a great Halloween costume - nuclear reactor employee.)]

I could also hold a dictionary and grammar book and a little sign that says “PYI!” [“Preview, You Idiot!”]

Open the door with two hands or arms full.

Second the motion for 4 arms and prehensile tail. Maybe with four arms, opposable toes would not be needed.

I also want wings.

The second pair of arms and the wings would not develop fully until after a child’s fourth birthday. This would be an enormous benefit for mothers of toddlers!