What Countries Are You Favourable To?

United Kingdom-As the cultural homeland of the USA, and producer of some of the greatest literature and a mighty cultural and commerical empire.

Germany-At least pre-1918 Germany. I’ve always admired the Prussians and especially Bismarck, one of the greatest statesmen in history. Hitler on the other was a boorish Austrian rabble-rousing peasent and the exact opposite of Bismarck.

China-The progenitor of the greatest cultural influence on Korea and the rest of East Asia. Plus I admire its social conservatism as preserved in Taiwan and Singapore and it has proved to be a fertile ground for the expansion of CHristianity.

Do you mean what countries I would move to, visit, or just like in some other way? Does there have to be a certain level of like before I should favor (favour) it? I like most countries in some ways. The ones like Canada and Australia would be the easiest ones to move to while somewhere like Russia has a fascinating culture and history but a lot wrong with it at the same time.

I am not sure what types of answers you are going for. If you just want me to pick some that seem cool, I will go with Estonia, Costa Rica, and Saint Lucia.

Canada, Israel, Switzerland, and Scandinavia seem to have the nicest folk, year in, and year out.

This is possibly the first time anyone has ever accused Israelis of being nice.

P.S. I like Israel, and Israelis. I just wouldn’t ever use that particular descriptor. “Refreshingly straightforward” might be the most polite term. :wink:

I don’t know what you mean by “favorable”.

I’ve lived in China and the United States and am favorable to both, I guess. But I’m favorable to all countries, really(yes, even Japan, Qin and Dutchman).

Every country is mainly made up of decent people, with their own fair amounts of jerks/morons/politicians to mix things up. :slight_smile:

I am unfavorable towards no countries at all. I guess I’m a citizen of Earth, really, so I can’t see being unfavorable to any country in it. Why would I?

Canada – home of Sid the Kid!

Prussia above all, partly for the reasons of the OP; Germania as a whole; Danmark; Russia; Byzantium; Italy for her peerless contribution as the foundation of western civilisation; the Baltics; England & her adjoining partners; the Austrian Empire; Japan for giving us anime, etc. etc…
But although not sympatico to either heat or latinity, I’m grateful to France and Spain as well for their abilities in the past. I don’t actually object or disparage any country or people, but I maintain a studied uninterest in most apart from their arts.

Were all praying up here that Sid the Kid can be rid of the squid in his lid, back on the grid, and no longer be hid and the Pens on a skid.

All of them, when they behave themselves.

Poland and the Philippines. Hardworking blue collar family-centric cultures, greasy peasant food.

Djibouti and Burkina Faso. Because their names are fun to say.

Or Scandinavia of being a country.

Scotland, USA, Canada, Malta, Uganda, Australia, Germany.

The Netherlands, Canada, Gambia.

FYI, Scandinavia consists of Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark. Ive been there, and they are nice folk.

The point was, it’s not a country…it’s a region of several different (and not interchangeable) countries.

I like people.

Originally Posted by Susanann
FYI, Scandinavia consists of Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark. Ive been there, and they are nice folk.

I already said that!

I have always had a great affinity for Canada - and Canadians. Actually for all the “Commonwealth Nations” or whatever they call themselves these days. I hope to have the opportunity to visit the UK, particularly Wales someday. I have read a great deal about Belize and have considered moving there, although if it happens at all it will probably have to wait a few years until I retire.

I have fond memories of Japan.

I like Canada, and it’s much closer to me than the nearest U.S. city of any size.

I liked England, but never got out of London. Italy was fun, and I’d like to spend more time there. Actually, I have an affinity to most European and Scandinavian countries. Based on the Australians I’ve met IRL, I like them. They struck me as having the fun-lovingness of Americans, but without the attitude. I have a fondness for Vietnamese food, so that’s a favourable thing.