What Country Are You A Citizen Of?

What country are you a citizen of?


I have dual nationality… what should I pick?


I’ll say Canadadadada to even things out.

I retain my Ruritanian citizenship for tax reasons.

‘Other’ because you don’t have Malaysia listed. You have Thailand and Singapore but not the country between those two? mutter grumble gripe

Dual also. But I’ll pick Canada.

I did not recall that. What’s your other?

I’m, like, a citizen of the universe, maaaaaaan.

UK. Born in Scotland.

You first.

By the way, I appreciate that you put Canada near the top of the list and not sandwiched between Cameroon and Cape Verde.

That was the first thing I noticed, too - would it kill internet retailers to do that?

It’s that hard to find alphabetically, is it? I didn’t realize.

And yes, I’m purposefully being a sarcastic jerk. :wink:

(Then again, I don’t shop on-line.)

Well, kind of - Canada always seems to be just one or two lines down from being on the first page. And then I have to scroll, and my fingers get tired…{heavy sigh}

I live next door to Jack.

You are assuming my home planet has “countries” as Earth does. Even so, it’s not listed.

I can see Jack from my house.

Colombia is just 3 votes behind Canada?!?!

I hope Sofia Vergara and Shakira are 2 of the 8!

I think you got some parallax error goin’ on there.