What country won what sporting event today (Thursday)?

I live in a VERY ethnic neighborhood in Chicago. Middle Eastern (mainly Iran, Iraq, Syria and Jordan), Hispanic (Mexican, Central and South American) and Asian (mainly Korean, Thailand and Japan).

Every time a country wins a big sporting event like football (soccer), you’ll hear cars honking on the main streets (Lawrence & Kedzie) and see people waving flags out the windows. For quite a while now I’ve been hearing cars honking and people screaming out their car windows, but my window angle is such that I can’t see any flags, and I’m too lazy to go walk down the alley to get a look.

So, some country somewhere won something big. Where and what?

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Well, the Mexican Independence Day celebrations technically kick off at 11:00 p.m. on September 15. Maybe that’s what you’ve seen? I’ve been seeing lots of Mexican flags and decorated cars around here on the southwest side of Chicago since Sunday.

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Thank you!