What crimes could one commit is the US that would get your citizenship rejected?

Ok, kinda drunk, so bear with me. My (drunk) friend is insisting that marrying someone for money with the intention of getting the other person citizenship to the US is a felony, punishable by loss of one’s own citizenship. Im pretty sure she is full of shit about that last part, tho not sure about the felony part.

But anyway, besides the above, what crimes, if anything, can get your citizenship revoked? High treason? Mid or low treasons?

Your citizenship can’t be revoked unless you have dual citizenship. The US gov’t cannot make a US citizen a stateless person.

None. The only way to lose citizenship is by voluntarily relinquishing it. Afroyim v. Rusk. No criminal conviction can result in the loss of US citizenship.

Your drunk friend is mistaken.

Not a lawyer, but from what I understand, the situation you describe is, in fact, a felony, being a form of fraud. But it carries the same sorts of penalties as other felonies - imprisonment (up to 5 years) and/or fine (up to $250,000).

Awesome, thanks everyone. Ill rub it in her face tomorrow when im sure she’ll try to say some other bullshit to defend her retarded position.

Good to know re: felony though. I know several ppl who have done it.