What "D" hurricane hit FL last year?

Does anyone recall the name of the hurricane which started with “D” last year? Was it Diana or Donna, I WAG?


  • JInx



She just spun around in the middle of the Atlantic and fizzled out.

This list is the rotating list of approved hurricane names. If the hurricane you’re looking for wasn’t big enough to do lots of damage, then it will still be on the list.

A hurricane that does major damage can be retired with a request from the affected country; its name is replaced with a Spanish, French, or English name to reflect the language of the victims. So, for example, “Hugo” is no longer on the list – it’s been replaced with “Humberto” because most of the deaths were in the Caribbean islands near Puerto Rico. If the hurricane you’re looking for was a major one, it should appear on this list of retired names.