NWS May run out of 2020 hurricane names

Already up to R. 4 names left. Then they go to greek letters. Alpha, Beta, etc

Sally Teddy Vicky Wilfred are the 4 left

Most likely Sally will be a new storm on Sunday

NWS ran out of names in 2005. As per their plan, they started using Greek alphabet.
Any time you want to see where a record was set look at 2005. Not only was there a storm in January, there was a tropical storm in the South Atlantic, something that apparently had never happened before or since. It is controversial though, many meteorologists don’t classify it as a tropical storm.

Sally is the latest storm

Didn’t Jessica Alba play Sally Storm? :crazy_face:

5 named storms in the Atlantic now, that is a record. Vicky is the next name on the list.

Here is a proposal for new names. From Dr. Seuss.

Vicky is now a tropical storm. Next up: Wilfred.