Tropical Storm Alpha

It’s official, according to CNN. They;'ve rolled the odometer of hurricane names, and now tropical storm Alpha is breeding in the Atlantic.

Hmmm…I wonder what would happen if they ran out of greek letters (not that I see that happening this year, just curious).

La la la la I can’t hear you I’m trying to get through Wilma la la la la la…

Are you running Haiti by any chance? :wink:

What’s going on here?

[li]Finally declare the American Gulf Coast a No-Live Zone.[/li][li]Sell underground bunkers to the residents of the Caribbean islands.[/li][li]Offer Fred Phelps, Pat Buchanan, and Jerry Falwell to the angry Storm Gods by way of chaining them to Epcot Center.[/li][/ul]

More seriously, they’d probably move on to the Hebrew alphabet. Then there’s Arabic, Sanskrit, Norse runes, and a few East Asian and Native American syllabaries.

By the time that happens, I hope to be halfway to Mars.

So, I guess we’ll never get to have a Hurricane Xerxes, then. Darn. :frowning: