What??? Damien Rice's "9".

I iTuned Damien Rice’s “9”. Most of it’s okay, some is pretty good. But what the hell is Sleep Don’t Weep supposed to do? About four minutes in it goes, quietly at first, into a synth sounding whine till the end. The end is about eighteen more minutes.
I’m pretty easy on artists, but this just seems wierd.
Someone “in the know” please explain it to me. I’m about to delete it. :dubious: And that would just be rude.

mangeorge, I’ve edited the title of this thread so that it’s relevant to the thread topic. Please review: FAQ - Guidelines and Etiquette on the SDMB, noting Post #3.

Thanks. I know the rule, but I didn’t catch it till I’d already submitted. I, too, dislike mystery titles.
Sorry all,

Hasn’t anyone else listened to this cut? I have trouble accepting that they would actually release something like that.
Maybe the machine just got stuck.