What DC animated movie is this clip from?

YouTube just randomly through this video, which seems to be of Barbara Gordon regretting a one-night stand with Batman, at me:


While I can view videos on the iPad or iPhone if I hold either device right to my face, I cannot read the text descriptions. (I am legally blind, if you don’t know.) both those devices have a feature called voice over which ordinarily reads text on the screen, but the text on this page is not formatted properly; I can see the focus moving as I swipe through, but the iPad won’t read the majority of it. My step daughter is away, and the bio kids are really too young to help on this. So I turn to you guys. What DC animated production is this from?

It’s from Batman: The Killing Joke, and it’s kind of a downer.

I think it was from The Killing Joke animated. Never saw it, but heard about this scene. I live how screenwriters feel competent to add depth to Alan Moore source material.

The Youtube listing is “Batman : The Killing Joke Movie.”

I was afraid of that. I don’t think I will regret missing that one.

In penance for inflicting the memory of the terribly disturbing comic book on anyone, I offer this hilarious clip from Batman & Harley Quinn:


Truth be told, I have been somewhat soured on the Harley Quinn character ever since the Injustice series started.

I doubt whatever sandwich you on HQ applies to this movie. It is set in the continuity of the 90s Batman animated series and concentrates on being amusing. Harley in this movie is, while still a bit unbalanced, not the crazy bitch she has been since the new 52 started, and she is apparently free of the Joker’s malign influence.