Harley Quinn (the series)

Nobody here seems to be talking about this, but it is one of my favorite current animated series. It is well-written and hilarious, with bright clean animation and a top-rate voice cast. It makes fun of the superhero genre in ways similar to *Teen Titans Go *(but no 4th wall breaking) except is filled with expletives and often very bloody over-the-top violence.
Anyone else watching?

I’ve seen dribs and drabs on YouTube, and I like it a lot. It’s great to have Harley be able to say “motherfucker,” because Harley would totally say “motherfucker.” And it has Doctor Psycho…i could never get enough Doctor Psycho.

I see in the episode guide that in the second, Harley “crashes the bar mitzvah of the Penguin’s nephew.” THAT is where I cannot suspend disbelief. No way is there a Jewish guy anywhere called “Oswald Cobblepot.”

The voice cast is really fantastic. I’m glad Ron Funches got to be in another DC TV show. Hopefully this one lasts longer than Powerless.

Powerless got 12 episodes. Harley gets at least 26.

A really funny part with Doctor Psycho:

He is fighting Wonder Woman on live TV–he calls her a cunt*. The fight comes to a grinding halt–everyone watching–at the scene or on TV–gasps in horror. He goes on an apology tour, gets angry and uses the word again on a talk show. He is blackballed from the Legion of Doom and all other evil organizations. Because that is beyond the limit for even them. That is how he goes from the major leagues to Harley’s band of rejects–it is his last option. (*But it is bleeped every time it is said, for humorous effect.)

I enjoyed the scene where Psycho telekinetically threw Clayface into the jaws of the pursuing crushing robot, which destroyed it, and Clayface immediately reassembles.

Clayface: “Brilliant move! You knew that my body would stop the robot, and that I wouldn’t be hurt!”
Dr. Psycho: “Yeah…uh…I knew that.”

There is another scene where Clayface is sick and vomits all over himself. Vomits clay. Which immediately reabsorbs into him. To which King Shark comments “I do not know how you live with yourself.”

There are like 2 or 3 great, memorable moments or lines per episode. I started watching because I liked the character in the Suicide Squad movie and thought I’d see what they would do with it. It far exceeded my expectations. We need a little more of Christopher Meloni’s Jim Gordon, though. Can’t go wrong with Christopher Meloni.

Ha! I finally watched Suicide Squad because I like Harley Quinn.

So where can I see these marvels in their entirety, as opposed to bleeding random chunks on YouTube?


I quite liked it. A few times I was hoping for it to be funnier and not just swears and violence, but I loved all of the scenes with Kite Man (and I love Matt Oberg from "Ugly Americans).

Thank you!

Watched the whole season over the last few days. Thank you so much for putting this on my radar.

Oh, great. I have to PAY for it?

I’ve never paid for it in my LIFE.

For a Joker-type psycho who is cheerfully happy to watch the city burn (and blackmail it with nukes), she sure is whingy about The Joker not having her back. The Joker. :slight_smile: (Which is partially the point…)

And season 2 has started.

I love me some Harley Quinn!

Aaaand season 2 has finished. It did not disappoint. (Or, as Charles Brown would put it: hell yeah!)

I have to admit I have never been very interested in Harley Quinn as a character, and I have never seen a movie or read a comic with her in it. But I kept on hearing that this show was great, so I took a chance on it and boy am I glad I did!

The irreverent take on the the DC universe is profanely awesome, the writing is tight and hilarious, but the icing on the cake is the terrific voice acting. And while Haley Cuoco as Harley Quinn rightly deserves recognition, Lake Bell’s Poison Ivy steals the show.

Really hope they can make a third season happen!