What device is this guitarist (Archer Prewitt) using to make this sound?

I was watching some videos on Youtube of The Sea and Cake playing a show at a place called the Sound Fix. In this video (The Biz) guitarist Archer Prewitt is using some kind of small black device to produce a long, sustained note which sounds similar to a synthesizer. It sounds just like Robert Fripp’s guitar part on Matte Kudasai by King Crimson - I wonder if it is the same kind of device.

Any other Sea and Cake fans here?

And is John McIntire the most badass looking drummer ever, or what?

Looks like an ebow. Infinite sustain.

Wow, that’s cool. Thanks. Also what kind of guitar is he playing?

You bet. His guitar looks like a Danelectro U2.

Yes,an E-bow.
I have never seen or heard Bob Fripp use one.More likely Peter’s Pedal Harmonium or some derivation thereof.

Incidentally, Fripp plays the clean arpeggiated guitar on Matte Kudasai; Adrian Belew plays the solos.

Matte Kudasai (YouTube)

I saw The Sea and Cake last night and was wondering about that guitar piece Archer Prewitt was using too such a cool sound thought it was like a slide I’m not a musician. They rock Tortoise too check them out

There was also The Gizmo which bowed the strings of a guitar or bass mechanically. It was invented by Godley and Creme of 10CC fame; their album Consequences was supposed to be a showcase for the device. Jimmy Page also used it recording In Through The Out Door. The Gizmo was a unique idea with potential but due to manufacturing problems it was never really ready for prime time.

It’s actually a Dano-style Jerry Jones guitar. That company doesn’t exist anymore because the owner retired a while ago.