What did Aliza Kashi do?

I remember the lovely Ms. Kashi from talk show appearances (I think, mainly Merv) in the early '70s, but then as now, I have no idea what she did that would have made her notable enough to get that level of booking. Maybe it was just for the looks. Anyone???

She’s an Israeli singer. Here’s an review from 1972.

Do? She didn’t do anything. That was the beauty of her.
Oh. Sorry. Wrong thread.

I knew Aliza well. I was her personal drummer from 1969-1973. She was a very good singer who projected her joy and her heartbreak to her audiences. She made some honest mistakes in her English which often embarassed both her audience and her. One that I remember well was when she asked a lady in the audience “What song do you sing when you douche?” Douche is the French word for shower. Aliza spoke French, Spanish, Hebrew, and English and sometimes got them mixed up. What made it even funnier was that there was a priest sitting right next to that woman. There was a HOWL through the audience. She had a number of those faux pas.
She never became a recording star but she was very popular in night clubs as a result of her many appearances on the Merv Griffin and Mike Douglas shows. Aliza was a good singer, a fine entertainer, and a beautiful woman. I enjoyed my years traveling with her and the other musicians.