What did Audiogalaxy to to Internet Explorer?

So yesterday I went to Audiogalaxy and downloaded “Satellite”, or whatever they call it, and installed. I downloaded the song I was looking for (umm, it’s in the public domain, yea, that’s the ticket), and closed out. Now I can’t get to the internet through IE. Any ideas about what might have happened. (I’m posting from work now.)

I don’t know if it has anything to do with Audiogalaxy or what… what exactly do you mean by “I can’t get to the internet through IE”…? Is it suggesting you work offline or something? (Just need a little more information in order to troubleshoot this).


It says “cannot find server”. I’m on a DSL line, and e-mail and the rest is fine, but IE “cannot find the server”.

Hmm, interesting. I’ve never had any problems with anything using Audiogalaxy. I love it.

I should mention that I am a cable modem user, if that matters at all. BTW, if you can use Outlook Express I can’t imagine what is the matter with IE. Did you change proxy settings for some reason or something??? :confused: