What did Beyonce do?

I saw her dancing. Apparently she has disrespected the police somehow and some people are in an uproar. Some people so far appear to be Republican alarmists Rudy Giuliani and Peter King.

What did she do? Do any rational people care?

Protests in the form of video Easter eggs usually go over the head of most viewers, the OP being case in point.

She had the audacity to include a message that some don’t like in her performance and song. Imagine, musicians putting their opinions into songs? The horror!

No doubt. You need to hit me on the head if you want me notice stuff like that.

This is my initial impression. Of course it’s a good thing the people who don’t like it are jumping up and down and pointing at thing nobody noticed because… well whatever.

Jeez, I couldn’t understand a word she sang and while her body had me mesmerized, I really didn’t pay any attention to whatever her message was. It seems like one has to really want to find offense in this particular case.

Funny thing is that some time soon after the performance I saw a headline that said Beyonce was paying tribute to Michael Jackson’s last Superbowl performance with her outfit (one of many articles saying the same).

I didn’t even give it a second thought until the next day when The Pundits came around and decided for all of us that no, it was a salute to The Black Panthers. And now it’s a problem.

She paid tribute to an evil organization and got criticized for it. However, no rational person cares what a singer’s political opinions are.

Oh dear god, what “evil organization?” The NFL?

Well, the NFL is pretty evil. Making tax payers pay millions of dollars to buy a new stadium for one of their billionaire owners. Blacking out local games because, “Waa, you didn’t buy enough tickets so we’re not letting you watch because we’re a bunch of little bitch babies.”

If that was her point then I’m behind her all the way.

America has a long proud tradition of letting black musicians and dancers entertain them, but they need to know their place.

If uppity black bitches like Beyoncé need to comment on Black Lives Matter they should perform in support of the fine police officers who have had to endure suspension with pay for shooting blacks.

They looked very carefully for a wardrobe malfunction and didn’t find one, so this was Plan B.

This times a million.

Yeah, a long culture of, “Sit down and shut up. That’s some groovy beats though, we’ll be taking those.” As an aside, I always felt a little squicked by the fact that in Back to the Future, we couldn’t even let Chuck Berry pioneer rock and roll all on his own. We had to have a white boy intercede to make it possible with a time loop by giving him his own idea.

For what it’s worth, my liberal white friends and I assumed the outfits were suggestive of and meant to be suggestive of the Black Panthers when we saw the halftime show.

Isn’t that what it was? I didn’t get it at the time but from what I’ve read that is the message she was trying to convey.

If there’s any controversy here, it should be between the NFL and Beyonce. As I understand it, the performers for the halftime show are performing on behalf of the NFL, and don’t have the same creative control they’d have over their own performances.

For myself… yawn.

I wasn’t watching the superbowl or halftime closely enough (or on a good enough TV for that matter) to be able to read the sign or to pay much attention to any subtle message in the dancing. Even if I had, I learned a long time ago that entertainers are not famous because they have well-reasoned political opinions that would influence me.

I interpreted ZipperJJ as saying people weren’t making the association until the media starting talking about it and I wanted to interject my anecdotal evidence that people were making the association at the time.

For the life of me, I can not figure out how her costume relates to the Black Panther Party uniform. Doing google image searches of “Black Panther Party” doesn’t show me any sort of cohesive image that would imply they dress in similar clothing. Adding ‘uniform’ to that search brings up things like this and this.
That’s not what Beyonce looked like.

Clearly, I’m missing something.

Honestly, the best I can come up with is her back up dancers wore leather tops and berets and the black panthers wore leather jackets and berets. If everyone that wears leather above the waist and a beret, we’re going to have to take down a lot more people than just Bey and co.

Just to be clear, I don’t know anything about the song (or the video) Formation. I’m just curious why people are saying that her costume resembles that of the Black Panther Party.