What did Hunter Thompson do to piss off the Hell's Angels?

At the end of “Hell’s Angels,” Hunter S. Thompson says that he was beaten up by a group of Angels, however he doesn’t state why beyond a “disagreement” and “they felt I was taking advantage of them.” I’m not up on every single interview HST has done about this book so I have no idea what the specifics of the incident were. But I’m curious. What could he have possibly said, after months of riding peacefully with the Angels, to piss them off enough to turn against him and put him in the hospital?

Did he mock their bikes as phallic symbols for under-equipped men or something?

Thompson said once in an interview that he wanted an ending for his book so decided to pick a fight with the leader of the Angels, Sonny Barger.

Thompson said he was at a party during which he saw Barger slap his wife and kick his dog. Hunter told him that only punks hit women and kicked dogs. Hunter got stomped, and he had the ending to his book.

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