What did I Just Hear on the Ellen DeGeneres Show?

I don’t watch the show, but my wife does, and it’s on in the background right now. The Black Eyed Peas are performing, and the girl in the group is repeatedly singing

“No No No No
Don’t fuck with my heart”

Repeatedly and clearly.

at 3:50 PM on a network.

Not offensive to me, but what the fuck?


It’s “Don’t funk with my heart.”

The double entendre is there, but the literal meaning is “Don’t let your insecurity get in the way of my love.”

The girl thinks she’s dealing with a player and is keeping her distance. She’s being reassured that she has nothing to fear.

That video occasional has some play time on the Noggin network. Nevermind why I watch any program on Noggin. I think the lyrics go “Don’t funk with my heart” but it could be edited for television.


Can’t resist being a doper nitpicker…it’s “Don’t Phunk With My Heart”. Didn’t you get the memo? There is no “f” in American English any longer. :smack:

Ah-ah-ah.* I think you mean to say “There is no ‘ph’ in American English any longer.”

*[sub]That’s supposed to be the sound you make when you wag your finger at somebody while trying to get them to back off.[/sub]

Fuck that.

I’ve discovered it’s hit or miss as to whether or not this song gets censored on radio. For example, the Clear Channel station censors it, but the other station in town doesn’t, and XM doesn’t on Top 20 on 20 (which isn’t an xL channel.)

So it seems the Peas aren’t getting away with it everywhere.

Fergie can talk dirty to me on any channel.

The Ellen show is a syndicated program, not a network show.

True, but syndicated programs still have to deal with standards & practices. The production company selects either one of the networks’ standards & practices they will produce the show under, or a private company that does nothing but S&P for syndicated shows (Jeopardy!, for example, switched a few years ago from ABC to a private firm.)

The edited Clear Channel version is “Don’t Mess With My Heart”; I don’t believe there exists any version that uses more explicit wording than “phunk.”

Oh, those wacky BEPs and their blatantly offensive lyrics! I still have no idea how they weren’t massively boycotted for that charming song, “Let’s Get Retarded.”

They didn’t catch any flak for it because everyone learned the ESPN/NBA Playoffs version, “Let’s Get It Started” which became the huge hit.

Hell, it was 3 months after those commercials before I knew there was another version of it.

The is one sole reason I ever watch Noggin. It’s for The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. I just often times find myself muting during the commercials, because they tend to be extremely annoying.

The Clear Channel-run radio stations around here constantly plays the edited “Don’t Mess With My Heart” version, but MTV and VH1 show the video with “Phunk.”

I’ve heard two different versions: one with the word taken out entirely, and one that has “mess” instead. I’ve yet to buy the CD (Came out Tuesday. Will buy tomorrow.) so I don’t know what the real word is. I just assumed it was fuck.

I had exactly the opposite experience. I’d been jamming out to “Let’s Get Retarded” for quite some time when I heard the other version and went, “What the …?!?” I think it’s kind of funny that they used a potentially offensive song to promote the NBA.

Anyway, I know what I’m listening to as soon as I get in the car to go home for lunch. I loves me some Peas.

Now, I’m confused. I thought the NBA jingle Let’s Get It Started was nicked from an older (Pointer Sisters?) song, I’m So Excited. Now you say it was ripped from Let’s Get Retarded, which I have not heard. Could somebody sort this out for an old codger?

somebody has to say it.
PHuck that.


“Let’s Get Retarded” is the real name of the Black Eyed Peas song, from their Elephunk CD (the #3 track). “Let’s Get It Started” isn’t a rip off at all, it’s the censored version of the same Black Eyed Peas song. A few of the other lyrics are changed as well.

Thanks for clearing that up, but wasn’t the melody grabbed from I’m So Excited?

For those who can’t place it, here’s an excerpt:
“I’m so excited,
I just can’t hide it.
I’m about to lose control,
And I think I like it…”

“Let’s Get Retarded” also has this wonderful lyric that was changed for the other version:

Bob your head like epilepsy, up inside your club or in your bentley