What did Letterman mean?

(This question refers to the show Monday evening 10/01/01)
Ok, so many of you have told me Letterman isn’t a live broadcast, but still his remarks about Ripken seemed out of step with recent events. What did his remarks about Cal Ripken Jr., mean? He made it sound like it was Cal’s last game ever - which is not correct due to the necessary scheduling changes! Or, did he mean really mean to say the last game in NYC? Well, maybe to the people of NY, it’s all one and the same! :wink:

Just wondering if anyone else was also little puzzled by this remark.

  • Jinx

I have no idea what you’re talking about, but since I actually have a slim opportunity to be the first one to reply to a message, I’m going to jump on it.

Sometimes on Letterman and Leno (sucks) they talk in a tense that indicates what time the show will be broadcast. Could that be possible?


(I hope I’m first, I hope I’m first!)

This comment was in reference to Cal Ripken’s last ever game in Yankee Stadium.

I guess I’m just pleasantly surprised the NY baseball crowd would take an interest in this. But, I do agree with the fun Letterman poked regarding the “folding chair” for Cal relaxing while playing 3rd base. But, it should have been a Lazy Boy! :wink:

  • Jinx

A lazy boy, and a ball-girl sitting on a stool next to him to catch the ball for him. :wink:

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Watchit, yous guys! Doan makes me come in dare an whup yous for tawkin’ down on dee oreos, cuz I mights jus do it, too. (Ain dat right, hon?)
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It would be helpful if someone could quote Letterman’s remark here.

I dunno Spritle, it sounded awfully Dundalk to me. Same difference.

Jinx, as much as I hated the way the Yankees fans would come down and invade Camden Yards back when I had season tickets, you have to give credit where credit is due. Although they can be brash and obnoxious, NY fans do know their baseball. And they are classy enough to admire a legend and pay proper tribute. Of course they’ve been lucky enough to see more than a few legends in their own city.

Gee, I guess you guys have missed the highlights from Cal’s World Tour this season. Every stadium took time to honor him when he made his last appearance, so the Yankees aren’t doing anything special. Unless you count being polite as something special…


Youse both better watch them nasty comments or I’ll come wop ya upside da head wit my bowlin’ ball.