What did my orthopedist say is wrong with my toe?

I’ve been having pain in the ball of my foot for more than a month now and I saw a different doctor today who seemed to really know his feet but was kind of quick and mumbly. I know, I should have taken notes or had him write it down for me but I usually remember this sort of thing so well!

The last guy diagnosed me with metatarsalgia, which I understand is a general term for pain usually around the metatarsal-phalangial joint. (It’s in my second toe.) He put a metatarsal pad and a carbon whatever stiffener in my shoe, which seems to have helped a little bit but 1) is uncomfortable and 2) doesn’t seem to have really knocked it out.

This guy took YET MORE x-rays and said that I have tight calves and that that metatarsal is longer than the others, so that joint gets lifted up IIRC away from the plantar fascia? So he showed me a way to tape it to keep it from lifting up like that which he said should allow it to heal (and I think it did feel better to walk on once it was taped.) I do that for six weeks and see him again.

So he said a more specific word, I want to say it started with a c? What could that have been? I’d like to read more on it.

Your best bet is to just call the Doc’s office. Even if he’s busy a nurse/NP/PA should be able to pull your chart and discuss with you.


that should be your first step.


Morton’s toe

Probably capsulitis (inflammation of joint capsule) of the 2nd metatarsophalangeal joint.


If all we have to work with is the letter c, we need to eliminate “cancer” right off the bat.

No, my TOE isn’t longer, the metatarsal is.

It might not have been a c.

I keep meaning to call them but haven’t yet - does anybody, additionally, have any tips for getting tape to freaking stay on the bottom of your foot?


Wear a sock.

(That’s not facetious, it’s the best way I’ve found to keep a bandage in place on the bottom of the foot. Fishnets work really well if your socks make you sweat, or you can buy specialty tube bandage retainers.)

duct tape.

Heh, but I was so freaking happy that I don’t have to wear my damned tennis shoes to work anymore and that I could return to cute shoes. Sigh. Socks.

(ok, I’ll be your sock puppet.)


It’s never Lupus.