What did/would you name your kid?

Inspired by the “What is your first name” thread, I wondered what you chose to name your kids, or what you imagine you might name them? To whatever extent possible, please indicate why.

In my experience, it was not the easiest thing to decide what moniker to hang on a kid for their entire life (or at least until they got old enough to change it!)

3 kids
Allison Jane (misspelling of the Elvis Costello song, Jane Austen/Eyre reference. Seems to have been just about the most common name at the time - she has several in most of her classes at school, and goes by Al.)

Calvin Jeffrey (& Hobbes, just liked how the 2 sounded together as well as the initials)

Melanie Pearl (Olivia DeHaviland in GWTW, plus just liked how they sounded. Both were a little “older” - wanted something different from the common Alisons and Jessicas at the time.)

We didn’t realize until later that they all shrtened out to Al, Cal, & Mel. I guess we aren’t too imaginative. Or realy like that sound. Or something.

The only one I would really take back is my son’s middle name. I would have chosen something more unusual, or something that meant something to me. Maybe Gardner.

Note, I’m a 6th in line with my 1st 2 names, and passed up the chance to make my son a Jr, not to mention the 7th. Didn’t even use my name for his middle name.

How bout you?

I have two:

Kayleigh Sarah - Kayleigh because of a great song by Marillion, and Sarah, just because I liked it

Tegan Michelle - Tegan after the Tegan on Doctor Who and Michelle after my sister, who has MS

At the time, I thought they were unusual and unique names, now, everytime you turn around you trip over a Tegan or a Teagen or a Kaley or a Kaly. etc…

I have two kids.

Paidhi Girl’s name is Aidan, and she has two middle names, one for each grandmother. I chose Aidan because, well, it sounds odd when I actually say it. I went travelling on my own at one point after college, and I seemed to have the most tremendous luck–I’d come to a town where every bed was entirely booked up with nowhere to sleep except the sidewalk, but I’d happen on the one place that had just had a cancellation two seconds earlier, things like that. On the same trip, I kept running into people and places named Aidan. It was a sort of odd experience, like someone was watching out for me, or I had a guardian angel or something. I’m not religious, but still, it made an impression on me and remains a sort of special experience for me. So when I got pregnant, I decided to name the child Aidan, whether it was a boy or a girl.

Paidhi Boy is named Gawain (stress on the first syllable, please, yes I know he’ll be explaining it all his life), because Sir Gawain and the Green Knight totally rocks. Oh, he’s got two middle names, too, both grandfathers.

I’m never going to have kids. (It takes two to tango, eh?) But I’ve always been partial to “Ian” for a boy and “Cáitlin”, “Odette” or “Ondine” (which is not pronounced “KATE-lin”) for a girl.

Patrick Braden–I loved the name Braden. My ex husband had created a whole made up story about him being from Ireland so he wanted his son to have a good strong Irish name, like Patrick. I went with that and felt all the more like an idiot when I discovered all his lies. My son goes by Patrick and as far as he knows his Mommy picked out his name because she had a good friend named Patrick.

Joshua William–my father’s name is William and since I knew this would be my last child I wanted to give it to him. Patrick picked out his baby brother’s first name. Sauron and I were having a hell of a time agreeing on a name…and Patrick was in the car with me listening to a Veggie Tales tape that he loved at the time and they were talking about Josh and the Big Wall and he decided his baby needed to be named Joshua.

Not very creative…I know. :slight_smile:

Hannah Ruth and David Joseph.

My SO is partial to biblical names and we both wanted something familiar but not too common, which led to the Old Testament.

The Ruth is also for my mother and the Joseph is for a family friend/father figure of my husband’s.

Were we to have another girl, I’d lobby for Miriam Grace. And David came close to being an Aaron.

Ian Andrew - It sounds nice, goes well with my last name, and is an oblique reference to Star Trek that no one will ever get unless I explain it to them.

Melissa Marie - My sister and mother’s names.

Collin _____ - Collin’s my favorite boy’s name… I just need to find something to go with it.

I have had a daughter, Cassandra.

I see two more, Anya and Ella. Both names have personal meaning.

Well, the front runner for my first son would be Theodore Benson, which are my grandfathers’ middle names. I kinda like Naomi Elisabeth for a girls’ name - more ancestral nomenclature.

Katrina Aileen

I saw a TV version of Robert Louis Stevenson’s Kidnapped when I was about 10 and fell in love with the sound of the name “Catriona”. When my daughter was born I got to pick the first name, so this was my choice. I did change the spelling to be a little more American, though.

My wife was suffering from morning sickness all through our theater company’s production of The Sorcerer (Gilbert & Sullivan’s first successful opera). The lead female character was named Aline. This was my wife’s choice as middle name for our daughter, though again we changed the spelling (it’s a name, not a dress pattern!).

Katrina is the Greek form of Catherine, which means “pure”. Aileen is the Irish form of Helen, which means “light”. My surname is from the French word for fountain. So I like to translate my daughter’s name as “pure light on the water.”

We were going to name our firstborn Emma/Emily. Then about a week before her due date, Mrs D started having these nightmares about this bitch who had been incredibly mean to her in high school. Guess what that bitch’s name was?

Good thing I happened to be listening to a lot of Elvis at the time …

My daughter is Cara Elizabeth simply because hubby and I thought it sounded pretty.

My son is Zachary Ryan because that sounded good to us too.

If we had another girl we would have named her Anastasia Catherine for her great great grandmother and her great grandmother.

It was Counselor Troi’s father’s name.

I am such a geek. :wink:

We named our daughter Miah (pronounced My-uh) after her father, Jeremiah.

If it’s a girl, “Gretchen”, and if it’s a boy, it’ll be “Vlad the Impaler”.

Charlotte Hope for a girl. Eliza Marianne for a second girl. Simon Michael or Peter Michael for a boy. (All pending the hypothetical father’s approval, of course.)

It’s rather pathetic that I’m as single as they come and I’ve already decided this.

I named my son Riley Patrick. People who name their girls Riley really piss me off. It’s a nice Irish boy’s name, dammit! Any future kid’s names can be found here. But that’s just a family thing, I guess.

The Boy’s name is Alan Joseph. Alan is my father’s middle name (his first is Bradley, which I don’t care for) and Joseph I chose simply because I wanted to call him A.J., and I like the name.

If he had been a girl, I would have named him Elena Celeste. Elena is the Spanish version of my mother’s first name, and Celeste I just liked. In retrospect, it’s probably a good thing I didn’t saddle a kid of mine with a name like Celeste. The frozen pizza jokes would have buried the kid. What can I say, I was young and dumb. I also seriously considered Delphinia. Whoo boy.

I have three sisters, and our names are: Cassandra (we call her Casey), Tracy, Erica (me), and Leslie. Casey, Tracy, Leslie…Erica. Hm. Who’s the odd man out there?

Justin Gregory: Justin was not a popular name when he was born, and now…well, there’s one on every street corner. His middle name is after his dad. He has both our last names.

How DO you pronounce Caitlin if not “Kate-Lin”? Is it “Catchleen”?

Justin Gregory: Justin was not a popular name when he was born, and now…well, there’s one on every street corner. His middle name is after his dad. He has both our last names.

How DO you pronounce Caitlin if not “Kate-Lin”? Is it “Catchleen”?