What did you think of the XFL?

I think it’s great to have some sort of football when the NFL is over but the XFL wasn’t everything it’s cracked up to be. The No Rules image was ruined by penalties and downs. I think it has just about all the rules the NFL does. Sure, sometimes the hits are harder and the plays are tougher but I think the audience wanted to see a game with powerbombs and obstacles, not order and restriction.

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Yeah, but since this question is a bit looser, asking about the XFL in general, I’m not throwing a flag on this play. :slight_smile:

I think they hould have played a 1/2 dozen exibition games to work out the bugs, personally. Telling people that they’re getting the “real thing”, then showing them Ted Mack’s Amateur Football Hour, was kind of insulting.

I loved how the commentators talked about Las Vegas running back He Hate Me (aka Rod Smart, former Western Kentucky star). Not only did they refer to him by his nickname the entire time, but they acted as if “Hate Me” were his last name, i.e., “Hate Me gets the ball, goes around left end, and Hate Me is stopped after a gain of three.”

I am torn…

As a football fan, I would kinda like the XFL - goofy rules and all - be here to occupy my sports-loving time when my NFL heroes are lifting weights.

As a human being, however, anything involving Vince McMahon must die before it takes the rest of humanity down with it.

So it’s a toss up…

All that said, the talent level is far from the NFL and I do feel that Oklahoma, last year’s (theoretical) National Champs, would wipe the field with the best this league has to offer, which is looking to be Las Vegas.

That in and of itself won’t preclude me from watching. I mean, I’ve watched HS games on cable access for the hell of it.

It’s this whole thing about Nero rosining up his bow whenever McMahon does something that has me scared…

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