XFL - A Letdown?

I watched the first quarter and a half, and I’m very disappointed. Yeah, I figured the skill level would be low, but with the WWF and NBC backing it, you’d think the view from the TV would be better. Effects, special camera angles, etc. It’s like watching a highschool game on cable access!! I wonder if they’ll make a full season.

“High school football” is exactly what I was thinking, too! I left after a couple minutes and reverted to PBS, for Pete’s sake!

Man, this is horrid!!! If I’m trying to launch a new league, I’d be spending mega-bucks to make this first game look like the superbowl. Instead, it looks me and my buddies playing in the back lot!!!

I’m glad I’m not the only one who felt this way

Another “nay” vote. I watched fifteen or twenty minutes of it, then found a good show on A&E Biography about Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemmings.

The football was inept and sloppy.

The camerawork was awful. (And how about getting the idiot fans to stop bouncing that damned giant ball where it’s blocking the camera?!?)

The dialogues between sportscasters and players on the sideline were little more than the XFL congratulating itself.

The frenzy among the fans felt totally contrived.

The cheerleaders were gorgeous but their cheesecake twisting and posing was sleazy and pathetic. Where’d they get these ladies, from “The Replacements?”

It didn’t help to have Jesse Ventura doing color commentary. It felt like watching the WWF.

The air-cannons shooting jerseys into the stands was an interesting touch.

I doubt it’ll last the full season.

With Vince MacMahon at the helm of the operation, it’s a case of “garbage in, garbage out.” He could spend billions on the venture, and I’d bet it would still stink.

I had high hopes, but…uggh.

I only caught the 4th quarter. It was very mediocre, looked like a cheap college allstar game. You know, the “Blue Gray Game,” where all the good players from teams that didn’t make a real bowl play? They were pretty good players, but they had only had about a month to learn the plays, and it showed. I’ll give it another shot, watch it for a few more weeks. Maybe it’ll get better, but I doubt it.

There was a reason American Gladiators fired Mike Adamle, btw. He blows.

Yeah, I’ve had vacuum cleaners that sucked less. Piss-poor football, a lot of stupid posturing, shitty production, and Jesse Ventura all in one package. About the only interesting thing they had was the “punts are free balls after 25 yards” rule, and they screwed that up with their five-yard buffer zone for the receiver.

I made it all the way through “Full Access Halftime,” or whatever the hell it was, then changed to the History Channel. Unless the Las Vegas cheerleaders were seriously overdressed compared to the rest of the league, I won’t bother with it again.

But I suspect it’ll make it through one season just because NBC owns a chunk of it.