What did your classmates write in your senior yearbook?

My ten-year high school anniversary is coming up soon, so I dragged out my senior yearbook to smile at all of the well-wishing friends.

I may as well post all of my quotes, since I didn’t have too many close friends in high school. For the purposes of semi-anonymity (others have already figured out my real name in previous threads), “neutron” is my first name, and “star” is my last. As you’ll be able to tell, I was really into drugs back then:

It has been fun in Chemistry this year thanks to you.
Love, Hillary”

“Star, have a nice summer & get puffed

Well, school is almost over. Now you can puff all day. It was great knowing. Good luck in the future.
-Donald X”

You are fucking hilarious. English has ben great with you. I hope we can hang out or something in the sumer one day when you feel like it. Good luck in whatever you choose. XXX-XXXX, give me a ring.
‘How’s my drivin’ man?’
Until Later Days,

To the funniest guy that can always make me laugh. Thanks for keeping Chemistry class interesting. Hope not to see you next year, because you’re going to graduate. Have a great summer.
Andrea X”

Good luck in the future. Now you can smoke all you want without hiding in the bathroom. Good luck in whatever you do.
-James X”

I enjoyed sitting with you at lunch. And all your talks about drugs. I hope you grow that drug. Maybe you’ll let me get some. Have fun.

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds Rules! Have a bad filled summer, don’t get caught by the five-oh, and take a few trips to Neptune. I’ll see you over the summer.
-Keith X”

“To someone I heard talk about substances every day before school. Don’t get burned out. Oh, one more thing, give back my bong!
-Josh X”

If life were anything like a party, I’d swear this was reality. Goood luck in the future, but always remember selling drugs is illegal and so is buying drugs, hell so is possession, so just smoke it all up.

Our yearbook committee sucked ass, and we didn’t get our yearbooks until the following spring. So no-one has written in mine. :frowning:

Oh - plus there were pages missing and guess what?!? One of them was the page that would have had MY letter of the alphabet.

Grrr … thanks for stirring up bad, bitter, 19 year old memories. :mad:

Oh my God - I graduated 19 years ago … I’m speechless now. :frowning:

We didn’t get any signatures either.

The committee told us they’d be ready by the last day of school. They weren’t. They told us to get them during exams. They weren’t there. Then it was “come after the holidays”. Still not available. Later we found out that the yearbooks actually had been available since the last day, but our ancient and prudish year coordinator had forbidden their distribution while she went through, censored what she deemed to be “unsuitable material” and sent it back for reprinting. The “unsuitable material” consisted of school jokes, friendly jibes at the staff, reports of school events that deviated from the bland “It was educational and we had a good time” formula, certain memories and more. So in addition to not having any signatures, it was a really crappy yearbook.

There are quite a few, but these stand out:

“Chuck – When you look through here years from now I hope you’ll think back and then try to look me up either in Australia or the Federal penitentieary in Tucson.”

“(Just a Tolkein of my affections). To my favorite Prophet of the True Frog Spirit. Good luck at college. I see in your future the formation (creation rather) of the “Union Lampoon.” Love Tootsie Larue” (yes, that’s how she signed it).

“May the frogs contineu to ‘croak.’” – from my physics teacher. The “Frog Spirit” thing started out when I was bored in typing class and I ended up mentioning it to him; he had his own “religion” of the “Great Green Grasshopper.”

“Someday we will have a man-to-man trivia contest on baseball, we all know who would win – you” – from my history teacher.

And my favorite:

“Belfast charge on a sea of mushrooms makes little choice as the egg tumbler.” (with appropriate drawing).

Aww… heh… this made me drag out my yearbook. I wasn’t fond of highschool, but I certainly was fond of leaving. And there were still a decent handful of people that were good folks. Not all of them graduated with me, and I still have no interest in going to my reuinion… but… well:

“Stasia, Never forget how much fun we had in Maths class with Boner and Clink, I hope you get to go to England and BangBangBang, Good luck, Shawna X”

“Stasia, No one knows your name except me. When I get my own computer I’ll email you. You have one weird taste in music but that’s OK! Jon X”

“Well, I’m not Graham [Coxon], but I’m probably as memorable… need I say more? Remember me when you become famous and the influence I had on your success. [English teacher signature]”

“Stasia, It’s been fun getting to know you over the past six years. I will always remember you for your awesome pink nail polish and for your outstanding taste in music. Good luck in the future and keep in touch. Don’t ever change, we need more unique people like you. Love, Stephanie X”

“Stasia, I hope your band gets famous, or you write a few bestsellers! And don’t forget me when you and Graham [Coxon - could you tell I had an obsession?] are sipping drinks at Plant [sic] Hollywood. Send me some money when you get your first big cheque. Don’t forget me! But that will be hard to do. Have fun surfing the net [note: it was 1996, and I was one of the few people who actually had the Internet at home - it was still new and strange to most people then] and don’t get hooked up to some insane stalker - it may be Noel!” [Gallagher, I hate Oasis and used to be much more vocal about it] Love Sarah X [jersey number]

“Stasia, It’s been nice knowing you over the years you have been a good friend. Don’t change. You’ll have to come visit me in Halifax. You never know maybe Graham will come to Halifax. We can go and see him. AFFE [smiley face] Love, Mellissa X”

“Stasia, Although you didn’t yell enough at us your [sic] still a good person and it turned out alright. Timothy X” [The very last class of the very last semester for me was Theatre Arts, and the final play of the year was a huge productions, a double feature complete with intermission snacks and drinks… entirely directed by me. Hence the “You didn’t yell enough at us” line. To this day, I honestly don’t know how I did it, or what the hell pompted me to run for director (it was a vote) or why the hell they voted for me (I won by a landslide - the two other candidates got one vote each). I didn’t yell enough, no, but by god, I got it done, and the night went off with only a minor hitch - one of our characters didn’t show up, so I filled in for her. I don’t know how I did that, either.]

“Stasia, Sorry for the bad English accent. C. X” [one of my main actors in the first play.]

There are lots more, some of them bulkier in text and more personal, so I won’t go into those, and other, mostly simple “Aren’t you glad it’s over?” and “Good luck in the future” and “Keep in touch!” Most of them have it in their heads that I’m going to be famous someday. Well, it’s been ten years, and nothing yet. :wink:

I am, however, working on my first book… hmmm! :stuck_out_tongue:

The best one I had was very simple, written on the upper corner of a page, it said “Around the corner and over the hedge, remember me I write on the edge.” Class of '77. of course I don’t remember who wrote it, but I remember it! :smiley:

I thought the standard entry was “Stay cool and remember the fun we had in [insert teacher’s name here]'s class.”

Of course there are some time-stamped entries like “Good luck with all those wild american foxes, you wild and cra-a-azy guy”.

These are some of the highlights:
“I’ll never forgive you for what you did to my sister!”

“Stay frosty!”

“I thought you graduated last year? I never saw you this year at all til today.”

(from a teacher) - “I sure hope you survive the century. The world needs all the smart asses it can get.”

I didn’t buy any of my high school yearbooks. Yay for apathy!

Nothing, for the stupid reason that the school I went to didn’t deliver the annual until the beginning of the next school year. I didn’t even bother to get one.

Our yearbooks were put together in the spring, so like some others, we didn’t get our senior yearbooks until after the year was over. Not that I care, and it’s not the only one of my yearbooks with no notes in it (hell, I can’t even remember where half of them are).

My grade 9 yearbook has a few though, from people that I didn’t much consider friends then, and I haven’t talked to any of them since highschool. I did like one note though,
“Hi Marg, I know your favorite class was with Cindy (haha), Ian” Cindy was one of our teachers–we called her Cindy because there were a half dozen teachers with the same last name, all but one female, not because we liked her that much. Our pet name for her (out of earshot) was Psycho Cindy. Honestly though, I kinda liked her–not my favorite teacher, but we’d had worse. At least we learned something. She also tried to blow up my arch rival–she can’t be all bad :wink:

I was another one who didn’t get the yearbook until after graduation. Haven’t seen it in years. I remember only a few close friends signed it. I"m not in contact with any of them.

There was only one worth remembering:

Get help”

Eleven years later I walked in for my first day on my new job and discovered I would be sharing an office with her. :eek:


Best Friends Forever.


Only 2 worth posting here…

From Physics class:
“LiveOnAPlane, maybe someday you’ll invent a pill so the rest of us can pass this class! – Ben”

On the photo of the school janitor, one guy wrote:
“Love, Dad.”

I got caught getting it signed during history class and the teacher confiscated it until the end of the school year (~ 3 or 4 weeks later). A few days later, I “stole” it back out of his desk. Last week of school comes, he apologizes for “losing” it and offered me another one, free of charge. I politely forgave him and said I’d already bought another one, but thanks. :smiley: