What do Britons think of the movie "King Ralph"?

Years ago I saw that John Goodman vehicle, “King Ralph”, where an American slob is the last surviving heir (due to a freak accident). He makes a mess of it.

Was it ever played in Britain? What did they think? Was it an insult or a joke?

It was a joke. It was one of the worst ‘aren’t those English people quaint!’ films full of stereotypes that were outdated 50 or more years before the film was made, but I shouldn’t think anyone expected anything more from a film called King Ralph starring John Goodman. It had a few bits that were kinda funny, IIRC.

As a Briton I feel far more insulted that we even have a monarch than I am by some Hollywood comedy. And quite frankly if we must have one then John Goodman would be far preferable to the conceited and arrogant clowns we have at the moment.

Yes, it was shown over here, I remember catching a few minutes of it on TV once. The reaction towards it could be fairly summed up as “meh”, which is what you’d expect for a film with a 4.8 rating on IMDB. There is nothing remotely controversial about a film or TV show that makes fun of the monarchy over here.

During the 80’s, the royals were regularly being ripped to pieces on Spitting Image (TV), which was getting 15 million viewers at one point. Here is the queen’s puppet.

As an Englishman, I say “meh”. I watched it on DVD. Seemed nothing different from any other fish out of water comedy.

Well, it did have Peter O’Toole in it. And he’s good at what he does. So that’s nice.

The scoundrels shoud be horse-whipped!

(Is that better?)

I think us Finns have more reason to be insulted as the movie portrayed Finland as a monarchy. As a double WTF the Finnish monarch’s had stereotypical Swedish names like Sven and Gustav.

Heh. I just saw this movie a few weeks ago. I’d read the much-better book* which very loosely inspired it, and wanted to see if the movie was any good. At least O’Toole had one LOL-quality line:

Phipps: Sir Cedric! Sir Cedric! Good news. We’ve finally found an heir!
Sir Cedric Willingham: That’s wonderful, Duncan. Who is he?
Phipps: His name is Jones. Ralph Jones.
Sir Cedric Willingham: A good man?
Phipps: [embarrassed] Well… he has his strengths and his weaknesses. You see, he’s… American.
[anguished pause]
Sir Cedric Willingham: Quickly, Duncan! The strengths!

His expression and the catch in his voice really sell it.


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Obviously, they made Finland a monarchy so a marriageable princess could be found for Ralph (essential to the plot) who was not of any real-life monarchy. Same reason they made the British royal family’s name “Wyndham.” (Finland is an especially safe choice here because, AFAIK, there never was a Finnish royal family, other than the Russian royal family.) The names of the Finnish monarchs, however, are probably an instance of Did Not Do The Research. But, as has been pointed out, come on, it’s a comedy named King Ralph starring John Goodman.

Most Brits on the board seem to feel that way . . . Isn’t there anyone in the UK, any more, who loves the monarchy and/or the Windsors?

And BTW, how would royalty not be conceited and arrogant?!

“What I say is, kings is kings, and you got to make allowances. Take them all around, they’re a pretty ornery lot. It’s the way they’re raised.”

– Huckleberry Finn

76% public support among Brits for continuation of the monarchy, in a poll two years ago: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/7967142.stm

I don’t love them, but I’m comfortable with them. That seems to be a common view.

To be fair, Finland was part of the Swedish kingdom for hundreds of years. Swedish was the language of the court and administration, and the royalty would naturally have had Swedish names.

Well, Brits who read American alternative papers are probably more likely to dislike the monarchy.

Don’t you know that Yank monarchists move to Britain and naturalize, while Brit republicans move to the States and naturalize? It preserves popular support for both the monarchy and the republic.

I wasn’t insulted or anything by the movie, but I thought it was a pretty poor movie.

That sounds about right to me. If we got rid of them we’d have to elect some sort of ceremonial president, which wouldn’t necessarily be much of an improvement. Monarchy may be an absurd concept, but it’s part of our culture and history.

Our last few monarchs haven’t been bad (apart from Edward VIII). The danger is if we get one in the future who goes all Baden Powell on us, or something like that.

Baden-Powell?? You mean, he or she will develop a keen interest in knots?