What do cucumber slices on the eyes actually do?

Seen all 'em pretty ladies always making two thin slices out of cucumbers and then resting them on thier (closed) eyelids. What health benefits (if any) are there for the eyes? Does it actually do anything?

I know some people say it feels soothing (it does), but does it do anything chemically? If not, why does it still persist so much in mainstream culture (as a remedy for tired eyes)?

And where did the idea come from?


The idea comes from the fact that a slice of cucumber is just the right diameter to cover your eyes. No, really. It’s a part of the general silliness of “natural” products being used to make oodles of money in cosmetics sales. Cucumbers lucked out in the eye-diameter sweepstakes.

Tonight there was some show in which the hostess was shown getting a special “organic cleansing” involving being covered in some sort of mud and then having tea leaves placed on top. Truth is, she would have been just as well off being covered in dishwasher liquid and copies of “Sports Illustrated.”

If I’m understanding this site correctly, and if it’s accurate, then the cucumber slices do reduce swelling somewhat, but draping a cool damp cloth across your eyes would probably work just as well.