Cucumber Water

Cucumber Water is starting to pop up on lots of TV shows, movies, and magazines. Supposedly it has some kind of health benefits, but I’ve never tried it.
I don’t actively dislike cucumbers but I’ve never craved one either- they’re just kind of there. They don’t distract from a salad or add to it- they just don’t really have a lot of taste unless you season them, and then they taste like the seasoning, at least imho.

So questions:
Anyone tried cucumber water? Is it a pleasant flavor? Would you recommend it?

Is this just water that has cucumbers in it instead of, say, lemons? If so, it tastes fine and refreshing, as long as you like the taste of cucumbers.

I’ve had cucumber in my G&Ts. Highly recommend.

I’ve started shouting “Cucumber water’s for customers!” whenever it shows up in Better Call Saul, mostly because I’m tickled that it reminds me of “coffee’s for closers!”

/no help to the OP

But that is one of the shows where it’s popped up. Modern Family and several HGTV shows have had it as well and it’s in the background on some other shows.

I had a cucumber soda once.

I wouldn’t recommend it.

Cucumber martini, on summer’s hottest day. It’s just, so, so good!

Cucumber water can be very good. I’ve had it a few times in random places.

It’s a cheap and easy way to fancy up water. It adds a very minimal amount of cucumber flavor. It works well because cucumber is so mild to begin with. I like lemon or lime, too, but I do think cucumber is a little more neutral and safe.

@Smapti – I’m not a fan of those Dry sodas at all. Too little flavor, they all remind me of fountain soda where the syrup was running low. There’s a brand called Mr Q Cumber that’s actually pretty good.

It’s a very mild flavor, and unlike citrus, it won’t eat at your teeth. Cucumber has some diuretic properties, iirc, which is another reason it’s popular with people who are going to chug water, although I suspect that floating it in water renders the dose ineffective.

Cucumber water has a very refreshing taste and fragrance.

I had a cucumber beer last summer. In fact I had a few. On draft, tasty, but not something I’d buy a case of.

The only place I’ve had it was when I used to go to a fancy hair and nail salon. It was refreshing. A nice change from lemon.

Cucumbers in general have a mild, but distinctive flavor that I find refreshing. I don’t think I’d go out of my way to obtain or prepare cucumber water, specifically, but I’d probably like it. Claims of it having any special health benefits, on the other hand, are almost certainly bilge water, which I prefer to avoid.

I haven’t tried either of those brands, but I’ve had other cucumber sodas that I quite like.

I don’t know how new of a thing it is but the Chancellor hotel in SF has been serving complimentary cucumber water in the lobby since I first started staying there from a few years ago. The taste is all right, with a hint of cucumbers if you like that sort of thing. More than the flavour itself, I think it’s the colour of the sliced cucumbers floating in the water that gives it a sense of being “refreshing”.

This reminded me that Pepsi came out with a limited-time Ice Cucumber flavour in Japan many years ago. Never tried it so I can’t say what it was like, but the reviews were less than favourable.

I’ve encountered it a few times. To me it makes the water undrinkable. I liken it to really bad hose water.

I’ve never been a big fan of cucumbers, but for some reason, cucumber water sounds appealing to me.

More than imparting its own flavor I understand it absorbs chloramine in tap water, making it taste less like tap water. It’s a way to fancy up the cleanest, safest, healthiest, most inexpensive beverage in the world so that picky Americans will stoop so low as to drink it.

Are the cucumbers typically peeled?

What “health benefits” could it have which couldn’t be gained by just eating the cuke?

I bought my little brother a Mr Q Cumber as a joke stocking stuffer a few years ago. He loved it.