What do dopers know about you that you hide in person?

I rarely talk politics in person, and even when I do, I leave things very abstract. “A person might think this,” or “Politician X might intend Y.” I tend not to say what I really think about a situation, mainly because I’m used to being, well, freaky.

I also don’t say anything about religion unless asked directly.

I would never tell people I meet that I write poetry, no matter how many boards I frequent online.

So what about you? What do you talk about here that you don’t, or won’t, talk about in person? And do you ever fear someone you know will stumble across these boards and recognize you?


That I am an undercover FBI agent working on a serious drug ring case.

No, I’m not. I’m pretty much the same here as I am anywhere else, including IRL. Except here I sound a lot smarter because I generally don’t take a whole lot of time to think before I speak.

Hello Julie,

I would speak about my lack of religious affiliation more willingly on a board than in person. I would be regarded as a freak at my workplace and by family members, surrounded by Christians. Nothing wrong with that, it’s just not what I have come to believe later in life. Poetry is wonderful, by the way. I truly enjoy reading it and envy anyone who can write well.

I’ve mentioned a pretty serious crush on here on several occasions. Whether any dopers read closely enough to remember or care is debatable, though, so I’m not sure if it really counts.

A few people in real life know I’m bi but not many and until a few months ago, none at all. It’s something I’m much more open about online than I am in person.

I don’t hide the fact that I’m an atheist, but there have been a few occasions when I’ve broadcast that fact here, which is something else that I don’t do.

That’s about it, lol.

A lot of people don’t know that I am the president of Burkina Faso.

The straightdope is where I bitch about relationship woes. No one else knows if I am having them. Probably because its the only group of people who seem to have experience and godd advice.

Probably the fact that I’m a green-haired, peg-legged alien.

Or, you know - nothing. I’m myself no matter where I am.

yep, same for me.


My close friends know whatever they’ve asked me about, and whatever I’ve thought they would benefit from learning or that I wanted their advice about. I’m pretty open with them… mostly just toning down the manner in which I say things.

My family know about my political and social opinions, but nothing about my personal life. I don’t talk about controversial topics with them anymore, but only because I’ve said it all a million times.

People at work know virtually nothing about me, other than what they can observe. I’m in “Dale Carnegie” mode when I’m at work.

On here… I mostly stay out of controversial discussions, because I don’t see any point to them. However, if anyone here really IS the president of Burkina Faso or another small totalitarian nation, I have some ideas… :smiley:

I’ve discussed on more than one occasion here that I have in the past hired “escorts” but have not revealed that to anyone IRL. I think that’s the only thing.

That I post on the Straight Dope message board. I’m probably generally more forthcoming here, but that’s probably due to the fact that topics are incredibly more diverse than day-to-day ones.

I don’t talk about religion, because most of the people I know are religious and assume I am as well. I just go along with it, not worth the hassle. I’m not out to convert anyone to atheism or anything.

I was an escort- two months ago, for a thirtysomething surgeon’s wife.

Didn’t have to sleep with her or anything; I just had to be well-spoken arm candy.

I blow my nose more than any other living being, but NEVER in front of anyone else… I always find a bathroom and use a sink. (water rather than tissues)

Well, there was umm the thing I posted in the fetish thread. Never told anybody that IRL. (And GingerOfTheNorth, that strangely appropriate image is now permanently ingrained in my head. ;))

Just about everything, really. I’m not prone to sharing much in person.

I’ve been holding off on a rant about my upcoming wedding and my fiancee’s family, that I wanted to post, but have not for that very reason.

I think I volunteer information about myself more freely here than in real life. But other than that it’s just the same ol’ me.