What do I do with a tiny butterflied leg of lamb? (need answer fast!)

It’s 1.58 lbs, and I gotta cook it for dinner tonight (for two). It should be ready about 2 or 2.5 hours from now. My instinct is to season it and put it in the oven, at maybe 350, for about 45 minutes to an hour (I can’t find my meat thermometer!). I generally need “cook like an engineer” type instructions. Any other ideas?

Charcoal grill, indirect heat.

According to Weber Grills.

According to this guy.

According to this gal (video).

For grilling time, you can look up some chart on the web, or do what I do – cut into it after a while and see how done it is.

ETA: Lamb is great at medium rare.

Thanks Gary… I don’t have access to a charcoal grill tonight, so I’ll have to use my oven (or the stove).

If it doesn’t have the bone in it, you could slice it into steaks and pan fry it. A bit of oil in the pan, medium heat (4.5 out of 9 on my electric stove), desired seasoning. I’d go for 1-1.5" thick.

Trying it in the oven… seasoned it, cooking at 350, starting with 40 minutes, then I’ll cut into it and check.

ended up taking about an hour, but it was quite good. the fat crusted up nicely with the seasoning… I’m glad I didn’t trim it!