What do I need to know about Invisalign?

I searched and read some of the older threads, but none of them really answered any of the questions I have.

I would like to know:
[li]Do they work?[/li][li]How much is the average cost?[/li][li]How long do you need to use them, on average?[/li][/ul]

My first appointment with the orthodontist is this Wednesday. What do you think I should know before I go?

I am 20 years old, have never had braces and I am a college student who is not exactly rolling in money. I have read in the other threads that it costs $5 000, but I do not know if that is still the cost.

My teeth are not exactly a train wreck: I have a little crowding (not major or painful), one tooth on the top and one tooth on the bottom and turned inwards, and I have buck teeth. I will e-mail a picture if anyone would need to see one before they answer. I have never had a cavity or any major problems.

Thanks, guys!

PS. Don’t get mad about the colour. It’s a once-off, silly thing that I’m doing because I can.

Yes, they work. Although they are now indicated for a greater range of problems than when first developed, there are still patients who will need to go the traditional route. I can’t give a dollar figure that would be relevant, but figure 2 times the fee for standard braces. Lab fees for the orthodontist are a major factor. The length of tratment depends on degree of malocclusion. At end of active treatment you will need to wear a retainer.

This last post in this thread should give you an idea of what you can expect. He doesn’t give averages, but does answer your questions for one seemingly typical person.

InvisAlign Orthodontics - does it work?

Thanks so much!

Well, from the ads, it would seem that only people with perfect teeth try Invisalign, so maybe it doesn’t work if your teeth are less that perfect? :smiley:

There’s a message board related to braces here that has had this question discussed before, if you’re interested in looking around.

Also, from the stories I’ve read, most cost estimates seem to put them at a couple grand more than regular braces treatment, so anywhere from 5k up.

There are still situations that might prevent you from being a candidate for invisalign treatment. If you have more than just mild crowding or large gaps, or will need to have a tooth extracted over the course of treatment, invisalign is not recommended.

Also, because the forces used by the treatment trays can’t equal those of metal archwires and brackets, the treatment time is usually a bit longer.

There’s a good breakdown of the advantages / disadvantages here.

Good luck!

I’m wearing braces until my teeth are straight enough for invisaligns.

So Both for me: Braces & invisaligns = $5300 after my insurance.