What do Liberals Think About _____?

I’ve been seeing more and more questions like this posted recently on the Boards recently.

“Do liberals think Roof should get the death penalty?”
“Liberals mad about Kim K on NPR”
Last year: Why are liberals downplaying the ebola crisis?"
There are a lot of these in the “Stupid liberal idea of the day” thread.
Pretty much any thread started by Aceplace in the last 18 months.

The above are paraphrased from memory. Some are legit questions, and some are attempts at “gotcha” questions.

So, what are some examples of things certain people are sure are traits of most liberals that aren’t true at all?

I’ll start with a short statement and one example (although I have fifty, easily.)

Liberals are a coalition. They are a collection of people with different hot button issues. They don’t engage in groupthink like many conservatives do. There are pro-life Democrats. There are libertarian liberals (especially out here in the West.) There are conservative Southern Democrats. Look any day at a site like Daily Kos. There are as many arguments as there are agreements.

My example: Most liberals are atheists. No, about 80% of liberals are Judeo Christian. About 75% of those are regular worshipers. You couldn’t get elected dogcatcher if your base was atheists.


I’ve been accused of blindly parroting both Liberal and Conservative ideology so many times that I just kind of zone out when people try to project my opinion onto a party platform. People supporting both ideologies do it, and neither of them react well to being told that it’s a copout to the discussion we’re trying to have.

More on topic, most recently I’ve been accused of only caring about transgendered people and hating the troops for…well, do I even need to say why?

I’ve always heard that liberals were like E.F. Hutton.

Honestly? Most of the conservatives I know in real life think liberals are dumb.

Regular people eat pizza like this.

But liberals, they be all eating pizza like this.

“Liberals fall in love; Conservatives fall in line.”

Not all conservatives are religious, many are indifferent and might say they are Christian without actually practicing it, or are outright atheist.

Same here. Helps to identify those whose worldview is too narrow to care about.

Despite their supposed atheist tendencies, liberals apparently are constantly being apologists for radical Islam.

May we have a cite? Or are you playing on the “Liberals all do (something offensive)” meme in this thread?

Liberals believe conservatives are religious groupthinkers with no empathy. Conservatives believe liberals are athiests guided by emotion rather than thought. Both groups believe that they are not a “group”, just a bunch of individuals who happen to agree on the major issues. Both groups look at the other group and say “Now over there, that’s a group”. Each of these beliefs is empirically disprovable, yet they remain.

IMHO, anyone who considers themselves solely conservative or solely liberal on all issues is a moron.