What do planes towing banners do with the banner to land?

Do they detach it before landing so it doesn’t scrape all over the runway?

Reel it in somehow and fold it?

What do they do that works?

The just drop it on the field before circling to land or, if the field is long enough, drop and land straight ahead.


In case it’s not obvious, I’ll note that they neither land nor take off with the banner attached.

Here’s video of a banner pick-up.

How do they make sure the banner displays the right way up? I assume it’s weighted but I didn’t spot any in the videos.

Also, when it was just a pilot and no ground crew, the banner was laid out with the start on the down wind direction. the rope or pull line was also fully laid out. The aircraft hooks up to the line and starts a take off run alongside the banner and is usually air born before the lead edge of the banner is starting to move.
The banner just curls back over itself and the aircraft is gaining speed & altitude all the while.

They did it that way at Harvey Young Airport in Tulsa Oklahoma a lot in the 60’s & 70’s.

Ah, fantastic videos - thanks!