What do some people have against fresh air?

I meant to post this last Friday.

It was a perfect 72 degrees outside. Really, our first day that it was warm enough to roll down the car windows and not get chilled. In fact, that was the first thing I did when I got out of work. I love nothing more than that first warm day after winter.

As I was driving, I noticed that maybe 80% of the cars on the road had their windows completely rolled up–not even cracked. I just can’t imagine sitting in a stuffy car with the windows up on a day like that. It wasn’t hot at all, nor was it chilly, I don’t get it.

So, for those who drive with windows up regardless of weather, why? I am just curious because I’ve seen it so much the last week or so.

I don’t like driving with the windows down. The wind and traffic noise makes it difficult to hear the radio (or passengers) and the road smells are sometimes unpleasant. If I’m warm, I turn on the AC.

I agree. Maybe they don’t want to mess up their hair. :frowning:

I like fresh air, just not when it’s going by at 55 mph.

it’s all about the a/c.

i’m just sayin.


Yep, it’s the wind that’s the problem. If I’m driving around the neighborhood at 30, maybe I’ll have the window open. But if I’m going 65 towards work on the freeway, no way do I want the wind – the noise, the way I can’t hear the radio over it, the way it throws everything around that I have in my car. I’ll turn the vents on and enjoy the temperature of the air outside, but I don’t want it coming at me at 65mph.

Allergies. Pretty bright warm spring days make me wheeze.

Pollution and car emissions are the suk.

cough, hack

I was cruising down the road with the windows cracked and a bug somehow got sucked in through the window and splattered himself on my glasses. Wasn’t pleasant. Kinda gross, in fact.

I like having the window down if I’m not going too fast, or there’s a bunch of traffic around spewing icky smells, or someone smoking, or a lot of pollen, or kids complaining about the wind.

I do like to have my window down, but the conditions are not usually met. Hello, a/c!

Now, at home, I’m a fresh-air fiend. It has to be really cold outside for me to shut the windows.

The sound of the wind in my ear can aggravate a headache, as can car fumes. Also, I may have the sun roof open but no windows, so sometimes I look like everything’s closed up when it really isn’t.

Pollen. My poor black car looks like a bumblebee and I don’t want plant jizz all over me, cause it irritates my allergies something awful.

It’s all fun and games until you pass that roadkill possum.

Generally, I like driving around with the windows down. But when it’s only 72 degrees out? That’s a little cold for my tastes. Yes, I know I’m in the minority, but I really only get completely comfortable around 80. I live in Florida and it’s still too cold here for several months of the year, IMHO. :slight_smile:

The only time I’ll roll up the windows on a warm day are when it’s just too humid, I’m driving on the highway and the noise is getting to me, or I want to talk to someone else in the vehicle.

I have long curly hair, and having the car window open for even a minute kills it for the rest of the day. I don’t drive, but I imagine it would be even worse if I tried to drive with the windows down, because there’s no way I would be able to see the road with my hair flying around, and I’d keep taking my hands off the wheel to deal with it, which is Bad.

I feel bad about ruining other people’s fun when I’m in a car and they want the windows down, but I really can’t stand it.

I also have very long hair - I love driving with the windows down when I can put my hair up, but when it’s down and I don’t have a ponytail holder handy I have to keep the windows up or I’d never get all the tangles out. I generally don’t like driving with the windows down on the freeways; if I were in an accident and the car rolled on its side, the open window would be one hell of a pinch point. But on nice days in town with my hair bundled up, I love it.

I HATE HATE HATE the noise, that’s why I shut the windows. It drives me crazy.

I also have long hair that blows around even when there isn’t a breeze, but the main reason is the noise.

And anybody who thinks 72 is chilly needs to have their head examined. :smiley: Or at least to get out of Florida – you’ve been there too long! Of course, it drops below fifty here, and people break out their arctic-weight parkas…

My fiance doesn’t put his windows down because he’s allergic to basically everything that grows in the spring, and since we park outside our cars are usually coated with a film of pollen this time of year, and it all blows into the car if the windows are down. Also, if you put his windows down, his car is shaped so that it makes this ear-splitting, low-frequency kind of sound. It’s really difficult to describe, but you can basically hear the wind beating off the openings of the windows and it really hurts your ears if you’re driving on the highway.

The noise, and that it’s too cold. Yes, yes I know, 72 is great when you’re sitting in the sun, but when it’s MOVING, it feels much chillier.

Well 1st of all I am opperating a 3000 lb machine at high speeds in public places, I don’t think It’s all that safe to have such a wind storm, that can easilly blow dust or other debris in my eyes.

2nd If I want to be in the great outdoors, I will go there and enjoy it, which I do.

3rd the noise and wind is horriable

4th it consumes more fuel, and conciquently produces more emissions

5th Not ALL people LIKE the warm weather, I personally like it cold, actually very cold, 72F would feel way too hot and the a/c would be required to feel comfortable.

I am more likely to open my windows in the dead of winter then the summer.