Poll: do you like to drive with the windows down?

I like driving with the windows down - so much so that I will drive with the windows down when the outdoor temp is anywhere between 50 and 100F, even when it’s starting to rain, even at full speed on the interstate highway (exceptions: highway cruises of more than ~30 minutes, or stretches of highway that are made with grooved concrete, because that shit is extremely noisy).

My wife doesn’t. She prefers windows up at all times. She tolerates windows down when I’m in the car (though her own window stays up).

Is this a gender thing? Let’s see what the poll says.

Female - I like the windows down in specific situations. I prefer them up on highways and down on city streets.

My absolute favorite time to have the windows down is when spring is just beginning and there is a sunny but still cold day. I roll the windows down and turn the heat up and enjoy the sunshine. Same situation in the fall when I’m trying to wring the last bits of summer out of the year is a close second.

Male-Windows down, arm out window.

But let me qualify. Generally, I like the rear windows down, but not the front. A little bit of breeze, but not being blasted. That is, if I’m driving on the freeway. At lower speeds, sure-- all the windows down is great.

At low speeds, it’s okay. At highway speeds, I hate it.

I would like to have the windows down. I like the fresh air. But I have a problem hearing anything when there is a lot of background noise. I would need to have the radio all the way up. I like listening to the radio so I drive with them up.

Male, windows open at speeds less than 50mph or so. At highway speeds my car is just too noisy. On my old 4Runner I had the weatherguard wind deflectors that worked great for having the window open at almost any speed.

Depends - if I’m by myself, my window down. If I’m with husband, my window up, he has his down and I can’t stand it when my hair blows in my eyes. If I’m on the expressway, up. If I’m on just regular streets, down. If I’m near construction or it’s a windy day, up. Can’t answer just one way.

Female windows down (weather permitting), with arm out the window (traffic permitting). I grew up tilting my had in the wind and having it fly around, and it just stayed with me :smiley:

Thanks dad!

I wonder if people who prefer windows down are more likely to own convertibles…

I like the windows open on nice days when I’m not driving at highway speeds… as long as I don’t have a car full of stuff in plastic bags - then the noise drives me crazy. At higher speeds, the road noise along with crud that can blow into my eyes makes me roll 'em up.

Depends on the car. On my current car (and many modern cars), opening the window at speed causes a very unpleasant buffeting of air.

I drive a Wrangler with a soft-top, which predisposes me to driving with the windows/top down. It’s so noisy on the highway anyway, you might as well have the wind in your hair! If it’s oppressively hot I’ll usually close it up, but Jeeps have really powerful air conditioners so sometimes it’s nice to drive down the road with the top down, sun blaring, and A/C blasting :cool:

I love them down. I don’t leave them down all the time because my hair is curly and thus gets very tangled, and cannot be combed once it’s dry (or it turns into a frizzy mess). But on the way home from work, or if I am going someplace where I dont mind looking a little windblown…they are down all the way.

I love the wind through my hair!

Sum up. I live in Phx.

I like having the windows down, but if I’m on a motorway and/or have other people in the car I want to talk to, I have to put them up.

Male. I’ll roll the windows down if the outside temp and conditions are favorable.

I prefer filtered air conditioned air to the junk that passes for air on the freeway. On city streets it is much the same. Not to mention noise pollution, which is far greater with windows down. I especially hate those boom box cars that shake with the noise they make.

Up, please. I despise road noise. I also like to listen to music at fairly high volume while driving and I don’t believe in subjecting drivers around me to my strange choices in tunes, so I keep them up. Pretty much the only time I roll down my window in the car is when I have to go through a toll booth or parking garage ticket dispenser or something.

Are you me?! <checks name tags in her undies> :smiley:

I try to pop open the sunroof also to get the rays [because I know I have vitamin D metabolism issues and all the sun I can get helps]

I said yes. When I was younger and flat broke I never used AC on road trips. Drove basically nekkid except for a pair of cut off Levis. The open windows made it tolerable even on hot days. Don’t know how much money I saved, but it did seem to boost my mpg by 3 or 4.

I still enjoy open windows on Spring & Fall road trips if it’s below 80° outside (and not under 65°) .