What do these buttons on my newly acquired accordion do?

I just picked up this accordion at the local swap meet and it’s the first one I have owned, I’m not sure what these seven black and white square looking buttons do that are above the keyboard or the three chrome ones on the button side. I am bracing myself for all of the accordion jokes so bring them on but I would like the straight dope on this animal. Also can you tell me what kind of accordion this might be, not brand name but what type, I didn’t know there were so many kinds till I started looking up info in this. thanks for your help!

I believe those are register keys, which select sets of reeds for different tonal qualities.

Although I have played accordion, I’m far from an expert and it’s been many years, but I think yabob is right. What happens when you press them? Does the sound change? (You’ll have to play it to find out, of course.)

It looks like a pretty nice, full-size model, but more than that I can’t say.