What do these goddamn gnats want from me???

We’ve had a lot of rain in California this year, which has produced something I’m not used to: flying insects. I’ve been working on my computer all day today & have been constantly pestered by gnats. But they don’t just fly around the room minding their own business. NO, one of them will fly right in my face, in front of my eyes! And when I am finally able to kill it, another will come along and do the exact same thing! Lather, rinse, repeat-this has been happening all day long!! WTF???

They want to find the food source they think is behind the warm breath coming out of your face. To get rid of them, run water for a minute in all your sinks (especially bathroom) and then pour 1/4 cup or so of hydrogen peroxide in the drain to sit for hours or overnight if you can to kill the fungus they live on.
Sinks have a P shaped trap and enough water can stand in it to let fungus grow. Keep killing those gnats you see and cleaning out their habitat; you shouldn’t have to use any bug sprays or get yellow paper gnat catchers. A fan to move the air around where you’re sitting can help disturb them as well.

They want your soul and sanity! And they’ll never stop! NEVER!

Oh man, I feel ya. I was hiking in the foothills of Sequoia NP a couple of weeks ago and those damn gnats were driving me crazy. They hover in front of your face and sort of bob up and down in your field of vision as you walk along. Not as bad as flies in the Outback, but annoying as hell.

I think they want the moisture from your eyes ! Gnats will fly right into my eyes in the summer !:eek: It always seems to be my eye I had and infection in the gnats go after and I :smack: my eye trying to kill the fucker !

I hate when those damn gnats fly into my eyes. When I hike I bring my 6’3" son with me and make him walk in front. Works great for spider webs too!

This is good for gnats https://www.simplysoothing.net/bug-soother/

The weird thing is that they bother me, one at a time. If a whole swarm of them flew in front of my face, that would make more sense…but they come at me one at a time. When I kill the one that’s been molesting me, another comes along to take his spot. What’s up with that???

After the death of each one, the rest draw very tiny straws.

There aren’t that many more than a foot or so from their nest. When I get them in my house plants there are 7-8 flitting around near the plant and its pot; at the same time I’ll run into 1 or 2 at most in the adjoining room when they come at my face.

Gnats, shmats. I’m still recovering from an infestation of crane flies.

Yes, I know they’re harmless. But any creature that looks like this is clearly an Eldritch Horror that needs to be destroyed on sight!

Waitaminute, they have a NEST?? Where is it? I don’t have any indoor houseplants??

We’ve got a crane fly infestation too!! But they just cruise around the house & I either find them, or their corpses. They do NOT fly in my face, and for that reason I like them so much more than gnats. In fact, I love them.

I am right! Gnats are after our tears b/c they’re salty . I use to eat a lot of raw garlic and take yeast tablet and went to visit some friends in Maine in the summer with my child . We were outside talking and the black flies were attacking everyone but me , my friends looked at me and there was no bugs attacking me and asked why .

Their nest is in a humid environment in your home where fungus can occur; usually the P shaped traps of sinks, as I mentioned above. But houseplants are even more fertile ground for them, and their nymphs.

They only do it to annoy
Because they know it teases.

We call those mosquito hawks, I had a major invasion last week. I traced it back to a clean out in my drain than was left open. They can breed in the nastiest water imaginable. Mop buckets with filthy water left in them are prime breeding grounds in factories.

Yep, that’s exactly where I was conceived.

The gnats merely want a place to lay their eggs. On and around your head. eggs that will hatch while you sleep. And s-l-o-w-l-y eat your brain!

Don’t craneflies eat mosquitoes? That;s reason to hang out a welcome banner as far as I’m concerned.

They haven’t appeared yet but its just a matter of time. I’m talking about the gnats (or whatever they are) that come from the salt water marshes. They get everywhere, especially in you hair for scalp biting, and leave welts. They are tiny and show up in the millions. I HATE those damn things.

Nope, that’s a common myth but untrue. In fact, they don’t eat much of anything, they live just barely long enough to mate & die.

Well phooey.

They still look cool, though.