What do these names have in common?

Besides being names of U.S. states or WWII battleships, do the following names have anything in common?


'Cuz there’s a group of five streets in Tampa, Florida, with those names, in that order, and I’ve wondered about it for 32 years.

Each name contaions one or more 'o’s. :stuck_out_tongue:

They are all derived from Native American languages, according to Wikipedia.

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I thought that, too, but there are many others that are as well.

I’m guessing it’s just that someone decided to name a bunch of streets after states.
Let’s see, 'round here we have groups of streets named after…
cities in California (Idlewild, Hollywood, Lancaster…)
Trees (Maple, Poplar, Oak…)
Streets that start with the letter M (Marquette, Manistique, Monrovia, Milwaukee…)
Indian names (Navajo, Mohawk…)
And someothers I’m no doubt forgetting.

Based on that, I’m thinking ‘state names’ is the common theme.

There’s a neighborhood in Columba, SC, where the streets are all named after South Carolina colleges: Furman Ave., Limestone St., Erskine St., Citadel Ave., Clemson Ave., Converse St., Wofford Ave.

I meant to go steal one of the Furman Ave. signs before I went off to college, but never could work up the nerve.

It could be some personal thing. Maybe they were the home states of the five guys who laid out the street plan.

They are all names of U.S. Navy battleships. I only know this because I have recently found an interest in naval history, as my son joined the Navy. A long history of an Army family, and he rats us out…LOL


I don’t think it’s a particularly unusual naming convention, cities naming streets after U.S. states.

Joplin, Missouri north-south streets, in geographic order, going east to west from Main Street:


And St. Louis has an Iowa, Minnesota, Texas, and Utah, that I know of.