What do these people have in common?

Here are the names of some CNN journalists. What do they all have in common?

Wolf Blitzer
Campbell Brown
Anderson Cooper
Ali Velshi
Reynolds Wolf


They all have first names that are usually last names.

I find this very strange.

Please give example of a first name that could never, ever be a last name.

I once dated a guy whose last name was Nancy.

He wasn’t a prude, and wasn’t too fancy.
After I ditched 'im.
He went and he switched 'em.
And now, her first name is Nancy.

??? Until Mohammed Ali, I’d always known Ali as a firstname.

[old joke]
An old buffer gets a new chauffer.
Buffer: What’s your name, driver?
Driver: James, Sir.
Buffer: No, no, no driver. That will not do. I always refer to my driver by their surname. What is your surname, driver?
Driver: Darling, Sir. James Darling.
Buffer: All right then James, drive on.
[/old joke]

[small round of applause]

probably cafe society material, but did you ever notice that some superheros have last names that aren’t all that rare as first names?
Peter Parker
Bruce Wayne
Clarke Kent
Hal Jordan

Wolf (or Wulf) is a common first name in German-speaking countries, which is probably where the surname Blitzer originates from too.

Agreed, I know several Alis. Ali A, Ali T, Ali M… Both sexes.

Except for Reynolds who apparently has a first name for a last name.

Thank you, thank you.