What do worms come in?

I’m looking for a term that describes a “bunch” of worms. A herd of worms? Swarm of worms? Pack of worms? …no, that’s pack o’derms. :wink: Anyhoo, what is the correct term for a group or nest of worms?

{Aside: I know how Carl Sagan would have responded… millions and billions of worms (in that unique, nasal tone of his). He should have been the spokesman for McD’s!}

Thanks y’all!

  • Jinx

According to this list, it can be any of: bed, bunch, clat or clew.

Other sites suggest knot, and of course it’s possible to have a can of worms.

A whole lot of worms could be called a Squirm of worms.

Unless they’re Danish. Then it’s “A certain body of politic worms.”

Mrs. Worm.

What could be more apropos than an office?

And you closed my site about porn? :stuck_out_tongue:

Honestly, some people

Hmm. I would have guessed gob. As in, “Joe Bob, hand me a gob of worms.”

I always thought it was a Diet :wink:


Worms can be found in a gathered in a corpse. :smiley:

I don’t know, but when they crawl out, they play pinochle on your snout.

Not a squirm of worms! :eek:

You gonna be da worm face!