What do you call a group of trolls?

A group of geese is a gaggle. A group of rhinos is a crash. A group of larks is an exaltation.

So what is a group of trolls? There must be a name.

How about a drool of trolls? Maybe an oaf of trolls?

Better yet, why don’t we let them name themselves?

The most recent influx of these cretins seem to have some sort of commonality; they all seem to know each other. At least, they all demonstrate common troll-like aspects: Ignorance of this board, lack of courtesy, adolescent attitudes, and a general sort of repulsiveness (to name a few).

So, here’s your chance, trolls. You tell us what a group of you is called.

Just to be specific, this offer is open to:

Easy Tokyo
Kalahari Khala

and anyone else who identifies themself as a member of your group.

So, get your little pointy heads together and come up with a name for your ilk.

How about a trollop?

crèche - n
• an institution for foundlings,
• [Chiefly British] a day nursery.

As in a crèche of trolls.

How about “A steamy shitpile”?

A steamy shitpile of trolls.
It sings!

I think instead of a trollop of trolls, a craven of trolls. I like the other suggestions also. It’s so hard to decide.


A festering of trolls.
An infestation of trolls.

I vote for Trollop

I should’ve known that trolls aren’t smart enough to be able to come up with something original, so I guess we’ll have to help them out. So far, we’ve got:

A trollop
A creche
A steamy shitpile
A craven
A festering, and
An infestation

These are all good, descriptive and appropriate.

So, trolls, do you prefer any of these, or do you have one that you prefer better?

That’s OK. We’ll wait.

A TWAT of trolls

casdave, is that (besides its regular meaning) an acronym?

No that is the regular meaning but I bet that someone could come up with the acronym version.

It just sounds so expressive and you can give it some venom as you spit it out.

A septic of trolls.

A stench of trolls.

A defecation of trolls.

This is fun…

A pollution of trolls.

A cyst (or tumor) of trolls.

Ok, I’ll pass it on to somebody else.

Thanks for the opprtunity.


My vote would have to be for a “trollop” of trolls… it just has a nice ring to it…

Ok, now we’ve added:

A twat of trolls
A septic " "
A stench " "
A defecation " "
A pollution " ", and
A cyst (or tumor) of trolls.

Another one just came to mind that may be appropriate:

A 'rhoid of trolls. That seems to be fairly descriptive of the troll gestalt, doesn’t it?

A vomit of trolls?

An expurgation of trolls?

And how about this for the official SDMB insult…

Troll eigi ðina vini.” ("May the trolls get your friends) – Njála Saga

A festering gob of trolls
A fungus of trolls

A anal announcement of trolls .


A group of pricks .

Isn’t a “flame of trolls” sort of an obviously appropriate choice?

Brief digression: SpiderWoman, you are a total hoot. The “trollop of trolls” is too gender-loaded, but a craven of trolls…?

How about a fart of trolls? Crass, but descriptive, given their most notable contributions.

Or, mangling the language badly, how about a remora of trolls? Remoras being the disgusting parasitic fish glom onto healthy fish?

Or a leech of trolls?


Here I am, on the wrong side of the troll war, getting ready to get my ass toasted, but here I go. . .

Easy Tokyo made a mistake and lambasted poor Silent Bob for no good reason in an improper forum. Instead of recognizing his mistake, he (or she) became defensive. Now s/he is in a losing battle in a pit war. Does this make ET a troll?

Piano has done absolutely nothing but disagree with yojimbo. And show that s/he is pretty young. Does this make Piano a troll?

AM/PM did nothing but ask a stupid question!

All you troll hunters need to save up you ammo for the real trouble makers. Whatever CD Milk has changed her name to. Grimhacker and his endless starting of stupid threads. You know, real targets.

My vote goes to trollop, BTW.