What do you add to Mexican Crema to make this delicious sauce?

At a party last night, someone brought a cheese sauce that had crema as its chief ingredient, but had other things in it that added some flavor. It was delicious over nachos.

But I never got a chance to ask what they had put in it. It was nothing chunky–just something that gave the crema a slightly more reddish tint, and that made it taste very very good.

What would you guess/suggest?

Saracha pepper sauce?

Minced chilpotle? Ground ancho chile? Paprika? Combination of the three?

I’ve run across sauces like that using ancho chiles, Cholula sauce, or just tomato sauce to make it red.

I had a chipotle Mexican crema sauce that was so good, I turned to google to learn how to make it. The magical ingredient is adobado sauce. You’ll see recipes that call for the chillis too, but I leave them out.

Agree with the possibilities of chipotle adobo and ground ancho chilies.
Adding achiote (annatto) or perhaps some sort of sazon.