What do you associate with Wyoming?

My daughter’s Girl Scout troop is going to be in our annual Halloween parade, all dressed as various states. My daughter has Wyoming, and I have absolutely no idea what a Wyoming costume would look like. Anyone have any suggestions?

a) Cowboys, but whoever gets Texas or Oklahoma will probably do a cowboy

b) Oil workers such as roughnecks … again, the Texas or Okie person may snag that, but I think there’s less chance of it.

I know that’s where the dogies will make their new home
but that’s their misfortune and none of my own.

We thought of cowboys, too, but I figured she’d look just like Texas or Oklahoma. Even a costume in the shape of the state wouldn’t be very obvious, either.


Don’t know if that has any bearing on reality, but on a word-association level, it’s the first thing I thought of.

Gay shepherds. Sorry, not much use.

Well when the state license plate and state quarter both have a cowboy on them…
I’ve been to the fabulous Buffalo Bill Historical Center in Cody. Lots of cowboy and indian type stuff.

Have her dress as Dick Cheney. That’s probably the scariest thing associated with Wyoming.

Wind and grass, mountains and sage. Devil’s tower.

A working Old Faithful costume would be good, maybe get a mentos and diet coke thing going every hour (or 15 minutes given the length of the event).

Wyoming native here. How about a buffalo? Or to go the educational route, she could dress up as a ballot or a 19th century women’s suffragist. Wyoming was the first state to grant women the right to vote.

Or if you’re willing to get really creative, she could go as Devil’s Tower.

I second Dick Cheney (the mighty and accursed).

That’s the first thing I think of when someone mentions Wyoming.

I like the suffrage suggestion…I’m not sure if we’ll be able to pull it off, but it would be a perfect idea for the Girl Scouts I think.

Since there’s only one university in the state, you could dress her up in Gameday Gold.

We definitely don’t want to go the sports-team route. I suspect several of the other kids will do that, and we don’t want it to look like a sports-themed parade.

Skiing, cattle, dinosaurs, cowboys and wide-open spaces.

The ultimate trophy state for Where’s George hits (for East Coast people, anyway.)

Oh, sorry, I answered that without reading the question. I’d say something cowgirlish with lots of fringe on it.

Dick Cheney.

A skiing dinosaur would be funny…but probably not what they’re looking for. I’m not sure how to dress as a wide open space, either.

Why… the Pinedale Anticline of course!

… that or an antelope.

A Garfield cartoon forever ago (in the 80’s) that was him saying “Wyoming is (some NA tribe, I forget which) for ‘there is absolutely nothing there’.” Seems like there was another one in which he was saying that there wasn’t actually a state there, but the mapmakers weren’t sure what was there, so they just called it some nonsense word. So, yeh, I associate Garfield with Wyoming.